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Dallas party of 6-8 seeks round table, quiet place

Next month, I want to celebrate my 63rd birthday by gathering my friends together at a restaurant in Dallas that has a nice, big round table. Must haves include: relatively quiet so we can hear each other. Decent food, but not terribly expensive. Good service. Pluses would be atmosphere, nice music, valet parking. Free b-day dessert is always good!

This is a tradition I started many years ago. My friends always loved it! It's been a long time since I celebrated my birthday, but I realize now how precious life is and want to share my joy at being alive for another year.

The only food I don't like is Sushi. I am a very young 63, if that makes a difference.(More like 43) My friends are in their 40s, 50s and 60s ... and largely single like me. There will be 5-8 of us.

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  1. Do you have a particular area in mind? N/E/S/W or Central?

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      Probably Central or somewhere near major highways. One friend is coming from Ft. Worth, another lives in Lancaster. Some are in North Dallas & Frisco... so it's a spread out group.

      West End, Greenville Avenue, anywhere along 75 or near the Tollway is good. Heck, downtown is not out of the question either. I guess the areas I'd avoid are far North Dallas and West Dallas. But we'd probably be willing to go anywhere if the place fit the bill.

      Thanks for asking!!

    2. chic from barcelona would be good option, in north dallas, nw corner preston and forest, good menu, round tables, check out their website.....

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          Thanks for the suggestion. It does look like a neat restaurant & it certainly has round tables. Only thing, though, is I would like something more intimate and less bright. I used to hold these parties at Houston's because they had a nice big table that fit 10 and it was off by itself in a semi secluded space.

          The Walnut Hill location is closed, but I just did a search and there is one at Preston & NW Hwy. Didn't know that! That will go on my short list, but still would like other suggestions.

          I might add that the party will be on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Hopefully, Sunday. While I'm a night owl, my friends aren't. It's hell getting old. LOL

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            I live close the the Houston's at Preston and NWH. It's always packed. Be prepared to wait at least an hour in a small, cramped bar area. If the weather is nice, you might be able to sit on the patio. I just had dinner at The Mercury. It had been while since I had been there, but had a great meal. They can accomodate your party at one table and it is somewhat intimate. Not sure about the free dessert!

        2. One to consider is Avanti.

          They have 3 different locations - I think different menus and pricing. Can't swear to a "round" table. I went to the McKinney location for lunch and was very pleased with the attentive service and app of Stuffed Mushrooms Florentine and entree of lobster and crab ravioli. Even though it was a couple of years ago, I remember the lobster and crab being wonderfully sweet. I don't recall what my friend had, but remember it being very good.

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            Sadly, Avanti is closed Sunday afternoon. I think the time will be 2 p.m. That's the consensus so far.

          2. I would throw out Cafe Pacific. I know they have 2 round tables that fit the bill. The food is very consistent and really good value IMO. I like the atmosphere and it's would seem to fit the bill for what you are looking for.

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            1. Thank you all. Those are wonderful suggestions! Glad for the info on Houstons. I certainly would not want to wait an hr. I love lobster. Yum!

              I'm gonna check all the recommendations! I'll let y'all know where the final destination will be.

              1. Suggest checking out Palomino's at the Crescent. Seems like they have a couple of big round tables off in the corners, it's been awhile since I've been there.

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                  A great pick! However, like all the others, it's closed on Sunday.

                2. You know how these things go -- in a state of flux. I'm pretty sure we're looking at having the party at 2 p.m. Sunday. Sadly, this excludes a lot of restaurants that don't open till after 5 p..m.

                  Hey ... I never said it'd be easy! (smile) Looks like I need a restaurant that is open all day on Sunday, not just for brunch, and not just for dinner. H E L P ! !

                  1. Yep - 2 pm Sunday is limiting. I'm sure you'll find something, but at that hour, I doubt you'll be finding much in the way of music, assuming you meant live and probably not valet parking either. Maybe a round table.

                    How about Gloria's or Campisi's? I know you're not coming my way, but if your up for brunch, the Gloria's in Colleyville does a Sunday brunch. It's not on their web-site, but if you are pulled in that direction, you might call the Gloria's of your choice and check specifics.

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                      I love Gloria's. Great suggestion. What about the noise level?

                    2. I don't know about a round table, but Lola has a nice big table in what they call the "snug" right across from the four seat bar. It is somewhat enclosed in a snug, as the name implies, although the table is squarish. Very quiet and just right for six to nine people.

                      1. Royal Thai on Greenville (if you like Thai food ) might be an option.

                        1. Okay. I have visions of Chilean Sea Bass and Fried Avocado Fingers dancing in my head. Geesh. I have checked out gads of Dallas restaurants. Either they're not open on Sunday afternoon, or their menu is limited, or they don't have anything remotely resembling a round table, or they're way out of my budget. I have checked out established restaurants and ones just opening ... like fifty-six, Nick & Sam's Grill, Brooklyn Jazz Cafe, Cafe San Miguel, Hectors on Henderson's (with a new chef). Sooo ... after too much deliberation, it has come down to two: either Villa-O or Celebrations. The reviews are mixed on Villa-O -- any of youse guys been there? ;=] It has a preppie-looking nautical motif and way overpriced glasses of wine. But it has 3 round tables and a quite extensive menu. Celebrations is a tad dull, but they have an extensive menu and round tables with private rooms. Can I see a show of hands?

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                            I'd go to neither Villa-O nor Celebration for the food. Try Maguire's Chef's Table. Round table in a semi-enclosed booth. Good food. Moderate prices. Open Sundays.

                            1. re: kersplat

                              Thank you, kersplat, for introducing me to yet another great restaurant. Sadly, though, Maguire's doesn't match my needs. I need a restaurant closer to downtwon because my friends are driving from Rowlett, Ft. Worth and Ennis. Plus the time for the soiree is 2 pm Sunday, and Maguires closes from 2:30-5 pm. I do appreciate the info, though!

                          2. Wow! Are you still looking?
                            Have you tried the Belmont Hotel's Cliff Cafe? It's near downtown...in Oak Cliff on Ft Worth Ave at Sylvan.

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                            1. re: pepper131

                              Cliff Cafe sounds awesome. I will check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. However, it will have to be later because I had to pick a place and it came down to Villa-0 or Celebrations. I chose Celebrations.

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                                No, I'm not looking anymore. I had to pick a place already & it came down to Villa-0 and Celebrations. I chose Celebrations. But Cliff Cafe is certainly on my to do list now. Thanks.

                              2. Try Victory Tavern in Dallas' Victory Park. Great food and service and their coconut cream pie is AWESOME.

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                                  Thanks for the info. I will check it out. But I had to pick a place already & it came down to Villa-0 and Celebrations. I chose Celebrations.

                                2. The 2pm slot on a Sunday is limiting but there are places to go. Have you thought about the Knox area off Central. Toulousse is a great Sunday place to go and always open. There is a round table in the back. Lovely atmosphere, great drinks and food, moderately priced, and has valet. The other place would be Taverna for Italian. It might get loud but shouldn't be a problem on a Sunday afternoon. Everyone is that area is pretty relaxed on Sundays. If you wanted to do a late brunch/or salads, sandwiches, there is always Breadwinners on Mckinney Ave. Nice atrium and can seat a larger crowd.

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                                    Can't say I've been to Toulousse, but looks like a good place to check out. At this rate, I'll be eating out on Sundays for the rest of the year at least. Thanks for taking the time to offer a suggestion.

                                  2. Try the Catalina Room on Lemmon Ave. I believe they are open on Sunday afternoon and the food is very good (at least the brunch is)

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                                    1. re: jmnindfw

                                      Oh, man ... I even love the sound of the place! Thanks.. But I had to pick a place already & it came down to Villa-0 and Celebrations. I chose Celebrations.

                                    2. Dali Wine Bar is open on Sunday and has a great roundtable for a group. Not sure if it's open at 2pm though - you might want to check.

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                                      1. I'd stay away from Vill-O. I've been there three times and it's been terrible each time. My husband, who'll eat most anything put in front of him, had two bites. Awful!! Toulouse on Knox is a great idea. I've eaten there many times and have had great food each time. You should call and see if they take reservations (I believe they do). Breadwinners would also fit the bill. There is a location at Lover's and Inwood. Great desserts!

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                                          Sorry mw, but truthfully, as of late last summer, Breadwinner's at Lovers/Inwood is quite possibly the loudest restaurant I've ever been; there on a Sun. at 2:00 they were at full tilt. I vow never to go back to that location. It's been eons since I've been to the McKinney location, but it just came up in conversation w/a friend a few days ago. She had been recently (not her first visit) and per her, the food is still wonderful. I asked about the noise (given my Lovers experience) and she said they were sitting on the patio/atium and it was perfectly fine. So, for whatever that's worth - and at the McKinney loc, it is valet parking.

                                          1. re: CocoaNut

                                            You are right! Breadwinners is quite loud. I guess I was thinking more about the food options, timing, price point, etc.. I tend to eat at the Lover's location because it's closer to my home.

                                            1. re: motherwallace

                                              Motherwallace. Thanks for jumping in! I appreciate the input. Unfortunately, I had no more time to research & chose Celebrations because it was either that or Villa-O. From all reports Villa-O is definitely an Oh, No!

                                            2. re: CocoaNut

                                              Thanks, CocoaNut, loud is something I am determined to avoid. Actually I had to pick a place, It came down to Villa-0 or Celebrations. I chose Celebrations.

                                            3. re: motherwallace

                                              Same thing happened to me at Villa-O that happened to your husband! AND i was on a business lunch and totally embarrassed i could not eat my food! Luckily i did not loose the deal over that.

                                              1. re: pizzaQTpie

                                                Thanks QTpie. I did 86 Villa-0 because all the new reviews were thumbs down. I am going to Celebrations ... hope it will be ok.