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Feb 11, 2009 06:55 PM

Aaaah...Last minute anniversary suggestions in Manhattan

So, I've been lurking on this board for a while and have finally decided to register. Thanks for all of the insightful reviews and thoughts about the food that is available in this wonderful city.

I'm in a bind to find a place for dinner tomorrow night - it's not my real anniversary but is rather our first "date" anniversary (married three years this June). Any suggestions for a place?

We'd like a place like:

Al Di La

Under 100USD for 1 appetizer, 2 mains, 1 dessert and no beverages. My wife and I enjoy all types of food but in particular we really like fresh, seasonal cooking that's centered around new American/eclectic with a bit of foreign flair thrown into it.

Also, please keep in mind that we don't have that much lead time to try to make a reservation. However, most places we would like to go to probably wouldn't be terribly crazy on a Thursday night.

Many thanks for any advice that you might be able to give!


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  1. Looking on OpenTable I see openings for:

    Apiary (ex-chef from Veritas landed there a few months ago, recent reports have been positive)
    Cookshop (I've had good dinners there but other hounds disagree but it is definitely focused on fresh, seasonal cooking)
    Five Points (ditto, and I think the food at Five Points is actually a little better than Cookshop)
    The Monday Room (very romantic, same people who do Public, I think they have a 5 course tasting for $50)
    Salt (very romantic, quaint decor, food is solid but not as good as others on this list)

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      Thanks, Kathryn.....We went to Five Points a little while ago and were quite underwhelmed but the other restaraunts you suggested look good. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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        I agree with kathryn's suggestion of Apiary. You can read my review here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/570000

        Since opening last summer, Allegretti has quickly become one of our favorites and is, I think, more "special occasion" than Apiary. The Provencal-style cuisine is superb, service is cordial and professional, and the small dining space has lovely ambiance. You indicate that you will be sharing your appetizer and the dessert, so you should be able to make your budget or go slightly over. Well worth it!


        I am one of those who did not care for Cookshop. Imo, nothing about it says "special occasion." The food was so-so, and service was remote and haphazard. It's a fairly large palce with tight seating and a noise level that I found uncomfortably high.

        Happy "Date" Anniversary and Bon Appetit!

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          kathryn, would you really say salt is romantic unless you can get a seat by the windows?

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            I love the decor, and to be honest, I've always sat by the windows. :)

        2. I went to Apizz for my anniversary last year and thought it was quite romantic and the food was very good. They still have a 7pm spot available on opentable.com and I'm sure you can try calling them directly as well.

          1. I was recently taken to Asiate for an anniversary and it was romantic & delicious. You can also look on TableXchange.com for ideas (that is what I usually do!)

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              Thanks, all. Have settled on Convivio - we'll get the set menu... we'll see how it goes!

              Thanks again!