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Feb 11, 2009 06:13 PM

Non-Date Eating on Valentine's Day

Since a lot of places will be packed with dater's on V-day, what are some of the "must try" NYC treats that will likely be accessible Saturday night for dinner? Don't care about ambience, I only care about the food and avoiding a mob scene. Any thoughts?

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  1. Focus on places that don't take reservations -- that's what we usually do. Couples on dates don't want to wait for a table. We usually do neighborhood places, but you could try a place like Mary's or Pearl Oyster Bar or Spotted Pig and see what the wait looks like...(note that I haven't tried any of those places on V-day, but they don't take reservations and are "must try" sorts of spots if you are from out of town.)

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      Ditto -- I would go for Asian spots (especially those not typically thought of as romantic) or other non-western eats, and a lot of those spots don't take reservations anyway.