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Feb 11, 2009 05:57 PM

Cocktail Sauce

What is you favorite bottled seafood cocktail sauce? I don't mind doctoring, but don't want to bother making it from scratch.

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  1. I have a local one but ... pardon me on this cross and blackwell or something like that, apologies if spelled wrong. It has been a few years and don't have the bottle. I still always doctor but I liked that. My local store always made their own available in their seafood department (not a gourmet market) just your average grocery store. It was good. I added some head and a bit of lemon for me. To me 1/2 the price and just as good. One time I made mine which always had good reviews and I ran out and put the store bought out. They liked it better. Honestly, I can't tell too much difference as long as it has a bite and a little lemon for me. There was one other, very generic, available everywhere not bad, but too mild. I had to add some horsy sauce, lemon and hot sauce for me. But again, I ate it just fine and so did my guests.

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      C & B is usually what I buy. I like the idea of the horseradish addition. I always serve it with sliced lemons. Guess I'll stick with it. For some strange reason, it seems to have a tin-ey, metallic taste to it. Probably just me.

    2. I really like Ken's (as in the salad dressing) cocktail sauce that is in the refrigerated section - not the stuff they keep on the shelf. Lots of horseradish - I don't even bother making my own anymore.

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        Thanks, Susan. I know Ken's salad dressing, but not the cocktail sauce. I'll look for it Friday when I shop.

      2. Isn't cocktail sauce basically ketchup & horseradish?

        Know what you mean, there's a casino I go to in Las Vegas and they've got the best cocktail sauce I've ever had. Must be some commercial big bulk kind, but its great.

        1. The cocktail sauce that we use is nothing more than doctored catsup. Start with a base of catsup and add horseradish, worchestershire sauce, fresh cracked black pepper, and lemon or lime juice, then mix it up. Since I like a bit of a bite to it, I will add a bit of Tapatio picante sauce. You should have a good part of the ingredients already on hand. The result is much like the bottled sauce but the taste is much brighter.

          1. I buy Lou's Famous cocktail sauce from Whole Foods. It is in the refrigerated section. Great tomato flavor and just enough horseradish to give it a kick.