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Feb 11, 2009 05:09 PM

Pink Sushi-Moncton

Anyone else tried this place yet? I'd heard a couple of good things, and I do love me some sushi, so I stopped in on the fly today for some take out. Overall, very happy with the experience aside from the fact that my take out order was messed up (I got a salmon roll instead of a shiitake maki). It was the middle of the afternoon so the place was empty , but while my order was prepared right in front of me, I was given a complimentary hand-roll, which I thought was a nice touch. They seem very intent on pleasing the customer, which is always a good thing !

I ordered primarily vegetable rolls (aside from the salmon I got by mistake), which were pretty good, everything very fresh. All in all, i'm happy with the experience. Would like to go back for the table experience, in too much of a hurry today !

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  1. We visited Pink Sushi a couple of months ago for lunch and really enjoyed it. Service was earnest and pleasant, as you remark. The restaurant is sparkling and the food is very good. One of us had a bento box and the other went for sushi. Everything was freshly prepared and delicious. I recommend it for lunch or dinner.
    As you pointed out, it can be empty at times. I hope that they persevere and find their niche market!