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Feb 11, 2009 05:08 PM

Sunset Bar and Grill

I'll be in town next week for the Extreme Beer Festival, and we were thinking of adding a visit to Sunset Bar and Grill. Their food menu is extensive as well, which makes me leery (Cheesecake factory anyone?) Has anyone been there and have any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. You might want to give it a miss entirely. Food is notoriously awful, they're legendary for having dirty and/or stale tap lines, and unless you're a frat boy with a pocket full of roofies, you're not gonna like the ambiance.

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    1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

      the tap lines at sunset are fine - the owner addressed the situation years ago. the apps are better than the entrees in my opinion. and you'll probably run into other exbf people there.

    2. I actually love their nachos. Their spinach and artichoke "dip" (kind of like Mediterranean nachos) with hummus, spinach, artichoke, eggplant, cheese, and veggies are really good, too. That's about it though.

      1. If you are travelling to the EBF you must be a serious beer nerd (like myself); Deep Ellum is right up the street from Sunset and has higher quality food and beers. Maybe duck into Sunset for a beer and to scope it out. Enjoy your visit and the festival.

        1. I have to dissagree with some of the above posters- I have never had a stale beer at Sunset and love thier huge selection or draft and bottle options.

          I also love thier nachoes, spinach and artichoke dip and have to add in the veggie burger as well (its great and homemade)

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            I'm with you. In general the food is fine. IMHO the nachos are great, steamburgers are good, and I had a fabulous shrimp po' boy a while back. Never had an issue with bad beer, but if you get a bad tap send the beer back, they have dozens and dozens of bottled varieties too. I actually think it SHOULD be one of your stops if you are here for a beer festival.
            Note to Barmy: been going there off and on for 20+ years, was never a frat boy and never sported roofies. It's not a fern bar, so if that is what you want you are correct, but a lively environment is great sometimes.

            1. re: AHan

              Thanks for your help guys, I'll definitely keep the food suggestions in mind, as I am a vegetarian. I saw about 50 beers there i wanted to try, so if I have a problem with one, I'm sure another will suffice. It'll probably be one of many stops that day, so we might give deep ellum a shot as well.

              1. re: kubasd

                Hi kubasd,
                I don't know where you're coming from or whether your staying overnight on Saturday in Boston. But if you are, and you're driving, I'd consider stopping off at the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson, MA for breakfast (8-12) on Sunday, if you've never been.The Shoe, at any given time, has a rotating selection of 75-80 brews on tap. They're one of the top ten beer bars in N.E., IMO. Here's a sample beer list; Access is fairly easy here, being about two mile from the I-495/290 junction. They keep their lines scrupulously clean and their food is certainly a notch or two above the Sunset's.

                BTW, Barmy is definitely right about the "past" problems of dirt/stale beer in the lines at the Sunset. BoDubya may be right that the situation has been rectified "years ago" if that means more than two but less than three, which is the time-frame for my last multiple bad experiences there.


                The Horseshoe Pub
                29 South St, Hudson, MA 01749

                1. re: Harp00n

                  A clarirication may be in order on The Shoe's Sunday breakfast hours.
                  They don't have any dispensation from the state's Blue Laws. No alchoholic beverages may be servered before noon. However, if you hit the place for a late breakfast/early brunch dessert cocktails/brews will be available on the ship's fantail at 1200 That is all, over and out!


          2. I think Sunset's food is pretty mediocre, and I've found them to often be out of advertised beers and have to agree with the stale tap lines comment. You can search for my recent post on Deep Ellum and the disappointing dinner we had there, although their beer menu was good and the beers all tasted fresh. The Extreme beer fest is awesome (although the Belgian Fest in the fall is my favorite), but if it's still in the cyclorama, this won't exactly be convenient for you but Redbones in Davis Square, in my opinion, has the best quality beer consistently and although whether they're "the best" bbq is a matter of debate, their food is always good and a good value and goes well with beer.