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Feb 11, 2009 04:33 PM

Dim sum...Mississauga or Toronto

Hello everyone,

My inlaws are coming to Toronto from New Brunswick this weekend and my mother-in-law is a huge Dim Sum fan. Where can I take them (actually will be about 10 of us) and not be disappointed? My brother suggested a restaurant off Dundas (West of 427) in that plaza with a Pagoda at the gate. Been there before, can't recall the name. Would appreciate any recs you could provide. We are happy to drive to Mississauga if there is a better place there than in downtown area. A casual atmosphere rather than upscale is what we are looking for.

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  1. You are in luck! Grand Chinese Cuisine inside the Doubletree Hotel on 655 Dixon Road serves one of the best Dim Sum in the GTA.

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      Thanks Charles for answering for me. Saw the thread title and immediately thought of that as well.


    2. I believe that restaurant is called Sun Sun and it is quite good - I go quite a bit. would suggest bringing cash as credit cards have been compromised there. Another good place is Winston Churchill and Dundas called Summit Gardens - again good dim sum.

      1. Emerald at Hurontario+Eglinton is popular:big, busy, cart serviced, large tables. Get there no later than 10:30-11:00 on Sat-Sun. Noon or later=long waits for larger groups.