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Feb 11, 2009 04:32 PM


Ihad a desset at a Greek restaurant which they called Milopita; but when I looked it up on the internet, the ingredients were different. The dessert I had was basically apple slices, ricotta, and cream cheese baked in a phyllo dough. Any idea of it's name or a recipe?

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  1. What you experienced was a layered dessert, not a tart; is that right?

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      no it was not layered. . it reminded more of a turnover except it was made using phyllo dough

      1. re: minncalif

        OK, with that much of a description it'll be easier to find something in the style you experienced. Milopita (Apple Cake or Μήλων Πίτες ) is prepared in several different ways. I hadn't seen any of the layered variety that included cheese, thus the reason for my question. I'm not sure there is a definitive label for the recipe you enjoyed. I'm left with the impression that they used a basic set of ingredients for Milopita, added ricotta and/or cream cheese, and cut the phyllo dough into squares so they could be filled and folded over as one might prepare a turnover. You probably already know this method but I'll add it in case someone doesn't. If you pick up prepared phyllo dough and butter about five pieces, one at a time, as you layer them, the use a pizza cutter to cut them into strips, then squares, they can be filled and folded like a turnover and baked at 350 deg. for about an hour (or until golden brown). I sometimes just make a log, filled and rolled from full sheet of the dough, and tuck in the ends - then cut it into serving size pieces when it's done.

    2. Do a search on Ricotta Cheese Apple Pie.