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Feb 11, 2009 04:13 PM

Dining Solo in Portland

I'm coming into Portland in the next few days on business, and for better or for worse will be left to fend for myself for a few meals. There are some fantastic suggestions here that sound really great, including Beast, Toro Bravo, and Clyde Common.

My question is whether there are places that folks think would recommend for people dining solo. Sometimes fine dining places feel somewhat unwelcoming to someone eating alone.

Any suggestions? Even if they're dives -- OK, especially if they're dives -- I'm interested in hearing what folks would recommend.


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    I spent 2 minutes doing a search with the terms "solo Portland". Here's what I came up with.

    I don't really know what "fine dining" is, but find Portland to be very welcoming to solo diners in general.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Thank you for the links. Sorry, I tried some searches, but I've come to realize that the web site works a heck of a lot differently than the much-less-intuitive Chow site optimized for mobile.

      There are fantastic suggestions here -- I'll be sure to report back!

    2. Pok Pok/ Whisky Soda, Le Pigeon, and Toro Bravo all have great counters suitable for solo dining. Bon appetit!

      1. Portland is very conducive to dining solo. Great spots are Toro Bravo, Driftwood Room, Higgins, Serrato, Andina, Bay 13, Fratelli, Cafe Allora, Lauro.

        All of these places have bars that are comfortable to dine at but there really are so many more.

        1. At some of the places where they do set meals, like Beast and Simpatica, you'd probably be OK alone if you were pretty outgoing. But whenever I've been, I was seated next to people who were there with a group. Sometimes they are fairly friendly, and sometimes they make it pretty clear that they don't want to interact with you. If you're stuck between two of the latter type it might be somewhat uncomfortable.

          I'll agree with some of the other posters that there are lots of places where you'll feel pretty welcome as a single diner (and I'll add Fife, Tabla, Navarre, and Por Que No Taqueria to the list). In fact, there are so many that it would be helpful if you could give some other parameters to narrow it down a little.

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          1. re: Nettie

            Nettie -- That's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm outgoing, so that would be fun, but also have had situations (mainly in New York) where a restaurant wouldn't seat me solo. I don't really understand that frame of mind.

            I'm very fond of Thai, so Pok Pok sounds delightful. Honestly, I'm looking for someplace where I can see the quintessiental Portland experience.

            1. re: TMFOtter

              I can't imagine any of the places talked about NOT seating you! Beast and Simpatica are small and personable enough that the waiter might be able to steer you to a seat where you'd be OK.

              Definitely try Pok Pok!