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Feb 11, 2009 03:49 PM

Delhi Bombay on Jean-Talon?

I just noticed this place as I was heading home from a great meal at Moti Mehal.

Is it new or had I simply never noticed it before?

Anyone tried it?

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      1. re: hungryann

        thnkx from da compliment hungryann

        1. re: bobin


          Can you help us out with some details? Is Delhi Bombay closed forever? Will the chef go somewhere else?

      2. I was there tonight! We got there quite by accident after finding Bombay Mahal closed and needing a place to drink our wine. The food (3 of us had veg thalis, plus shared an order of butter chicken) and service (friendly young dude with impeccable manners, son of the owner) were fantastic. I was particularly impressed that the 3 curries on the thali did not resemble each other at all in either taste or appearance... and weren't much surprised to learn the chef was poached from Bombay Mahal. Highly recommended.

        1. I went back again tonight. The veg thali had different curries than last time - generous portions of palaak (spinach), lentil curry, and a curry with peas; all fantastic. The naan was even better than last time. We also had fish pakoras (ok), bhel puri (delicious, and not found on too many menus), and a mango lassi which I am going to dream about tonight. Let's support this place, it's great.

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          1. re: ididitallforthegnocchi

            I walked in there a few months ago, and glanced at the menu but it seemed a bit more expensive than the others on the strip. We usually just end up at Maison India Curry next door, for the veg thali, which is excellent, and costs about 7 bucks. Do you remember how much their veg thali costs?

            1. re: chililala

              I am always looking for an good Indian restaurant. As I am not that familiar with the food, what do u recommend?

              1. re: sharonrossy1

                On the strip on Jean Talon between Parc Ave and Acadie, there are many great, cheap, Indian restaurants. I would recommend India's Oven, just East of Hutchison, or Maison Indian Curry at the corner of Jean Talon and Birnam. The vegetarian thalis at both restaurants are great--for under 8$ you get 3 curries, rice, naan bread and some kind of salad. If you have room for an appetizer, try the channa samosa at Maison Indian Curry, it's amazing--2 samosas covered with chick pea curry, 2 kinds of chutney, and yogurt! It's the perfect balance of salty-sweet-spicy. Oh and the chicken thali at India's oven is kinda great, too, the chicken curry seems to be eggplant based--super delicious!

                1. re: chililala

                  So I actually tried Delhi to Bombay the other day and it was fantastic! We had a veg thali and a butter chicken thali, and the curries were spicy, complex and perfectly seasoned. Even the rice was a particularly nice basmati with toasted cumin seeds...and it was very cheap. I stand corrected. I think this might be the best thali I've had!

                  1. re: chililala

                    India's oven chef has changed. The food doesnt taste that good anymore. Infact the owner in the evening walks around drunk. Its bizzare.

                    1. re: amanucha

                      Agreed. I don't go there anymore...too bad.

            2. Alas, Delhi Bombay is no longer :(

              I had my final DB butter chicken last Monday, and discovered that it had closed for good this evening. Best butter chicken ever.

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              1. re: gordero

                This is the second time it closes. It just wasn't meant to be...
                Yes, their butter chicken was awesome, sigh!

                1. re: hungryann

                  It was easily one of the best Indian Restaurants as far as North Indian cuisine goes, Their butter chicken was the tops.
                  I was surprised to find it closed, I was hoping they only moved somewhere. Does any one know ?

                  1. re: amanucha

                    I just called... they are a hairdresser now!! The lady who answered did not (or could not) say why they closed. I am devastated. Delhi Bombay people, if you are planning to reopen somewhere else, please let us know!!

                    1. re: ididitallforthegnocchi

                      the word on the street (literally, the owners of nearby restos) is that they are closed for good.

                2. re: gordero

                  I am still grieving!!! Soo. so sad. Anybody have a recommendation for second-best butter chicken?

                  1. re: chililala

                    Moti-Mahal has pretty good butter chicken and good food, but the food there has a Pakistani flair to it, not noticeable to newbies Ditto for Tandoor plus in St. Laurent.

                    1. re: amanucha

                      I haven't heard good things about Tandoor Plus. Has your experience been positive there?

                      1. re: hungryann

                        The food there was good, can't say the same about ambience or location. We went there for lunch.
                        Moti mahal is better.

                  2. re: gordero

                    Amazing news!!!!!!!!They're back! They have moved in next to Pushap on the north side of Jean Talon at Birnam. The sign up front says Curry and Naan and in small letters you see DBR. They are definitely the same owners. Apparently, they own the Salon Dee's that took over the space where the old resto was, and they have finally re-opened. The place is much smaller, but the food seems to be the same, and the prices are insanely cheap. Thalis are 6$ for veg and 7$ for meat, and both times we've been they've thrown in free dessert--gulab jamin. They also have a liquor license and sell beer on tap for 12$ a pitcher...Go check it out! Now!

                    1. re: chililala

                      Are you serious?! This is fantastic news indeed. Will check it out tonight. Thanks so much, chililala!

                      1. re: chililala

                        sweet deal, thanks for the update.

                        1. re: chililala

                          Very good buzz on this place from friends.

                          1. re: chililala

                            Thats great, Is the food as good as it was at the original DBR ?

                            1. re: amanucha

                              The chef at the Dehli Bombay was the original chef from across the street at Bombay Mahal. When DB closed the chef returned to BM, and he is still there (along with his butter chicken recipe).

                              Still, I will give the new DB a try- thanks for the head's up!

                              1. re: gordero

                                Have just returned from there, and am thrilled to report that it's really them! They've been in this new location (989 Jean-Talon O.) for 3 months. Apparently they were in the Gazette not too long ago.

                                The food was very tasty and fresh and seemed to be of the same high quality as at the old DB. We had channa samosa, a very rich and flavourful chicken tikka masala, vegetable jalfrezi, a lovely buttery naan, and mango lassis. The three staff members we met were all sweet and pleasant - servers at other, far more expensive restos should take a lesson. Prices still very fair. And the front window is adorned with a large quantity of festive coloured lights.

                                I will be back very soon.

                                1. re: nochainsplease

                                  Thanks, thats good news. Will try it soon.

                            2. re: chililala

                              I did take-out from Curry & Naan and it was incredible! The butter chicken as good as always and their lamb curry was addictive. I barely left any for my poor husband, hehehe! I have to try more stuff from the menu but I'm definitely putting them on my rotation of favorite indian joints.