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Feb 11, 2009 03:47 PM

best lamb shank/osso bucco?

I'm having a serious jones for both of these meaty delights and was wondering which restaurants in town do the best versions. I like close to Upperline and have noticed they have lamb shanks - are they worth a visit? I also know that osso bucco is not uncommon in New Orleans and would like to see who does the best job. Ideas?

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  1. I had a marvelous lamb shank last week at Del Porto in Covington. I don't venture to the North Shore often, but this is a marvelous restaurant.

    Also, I've really enjoyed the osso bucco at Eleven 79 on Annunciation.

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      Must be a Northshore thing, because Dakota serves one as well. Big and meaty, over fontina polenta with roasted pearl onions and charred tomatoes. Rich and delish.

    2. Isn't Osso Buco made with veal hind shank?

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      1. re: speyerer

        Not exclusively, Frank. I make a lamb shank osso buco style that would knock your socks off. I've also used beef shanks. Frankly, I prefer both of those to veal.

        That said, I haven't had one is a restaurant that is better than mine.
        One that was equal is at the now shuttered Daniel's.

        The good news is Daniel Tobar just opened 8 months ago a new restaurant,
        DANIEL'S ON THE BAYOU. I just found it & have been 3 times. Very good.
        I've begged him to put lamb shanks/osso buco on the menu or at least have it as a special.

        1. re: Isabella

          I've also made killer lamb shank osso bucco style before. Veal is nice but definitely not the way to go. I think my osso bucco is better then anyone else's myself (could be biased) but I live alone right now and my friends aren't big

      2. Andrea's has an excellent osso bucco; it's served with the marrow in the bone - rich and buttery, use as a garnish.

        1. Cafe di Blasi, Austin's, Vincent's

          1. Dammit, I got no car. Nothing good sort of accessible by streetcar...?
            Upperline lamb shank....worth a shot, y/n?