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Feb 11, 2009 03:43 PM

Seafood extravaganza - suggestions

I have some friends coming to Boston in a few weeks for an afternoon restaurant, seafood extravaganza.. They are seafood junkies, particularly lobster.
None of us is well off, but for this date we will empty the wallets ---clam chowder, oysters, baked stuf, etc. We are not particularly enamored of LS's quick pace.
What would be a great fit for us? We would also like a leisurely afternoon.

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  1. For the specific things you mention, Summer Shack does a fairly good job, although their "market" lobster prices are pretty high given the current market. I haven't been in the bar for ages, but you certainly could linger all you want there.

    At a lower price point, Dolphin Seafood in Cambridge does a nice job with the baked stuffed -- their lobster with scallops is good. I preferred their fish chowder (along the lines of the no name) to their clam, but now they only do clam which is an acceptable version. I think they started doing raw bar stuff, but if they have oysters I haven't tried them. They do tend to move their tables along, don't think of it as a lingering place.

    For a real seafood extravaganza, I would choose Courthouse Seafood in Cambridge, but do it a bit differently. You can buy fish at their fish market, pay $1 more per-lb and have it cooked at their restaurant. I think you could also have a leisurely afternoon there, but no beer/wine/etc. They do clam chowder, baked stuffed shrimp (probably could be asked to do lobster). The shop has nice oysters, although dunno if they will open them as the restaurant normally only sells fried oysters as a special.

    Moulton's in Medford is similar in preparation and fresh fish, but more of a sit down restaurant. I thought they had littlenecks (or is it just clams casino and quahogs?), but no oysters. Reasonable prices, can get busy, could be your best option for some of the specific plates you mentioned. Some other Greek and Italian options with a decent part of your wish list and lingering, but not everything: Andros, Abbondanza in Everett, maybe the Paddock.

    New Jumbo and Peach Farm offer a lot of great seafood options, which you can look at on the board, but they are different from what you requested. Both can do multi-course meals, but move fast particularly Peach Farm when there is a line, New Jumbo might be a bit better for lingering.

    Portugalia in Cambridge is another seafood oriented restaurant, with some interesting stuff and fresh seafood. They have one baked stuffed fish (with shrimp), which is nicely done and salt cod dishes are their specialty. Most Portuguese restaurants offer littlenecks on the halfshell and most do lobster as part of the paelha (paella), for whatever reason they don't offer it but perhaps by calling ahead. JC's in Somerville does offer the lobster and is leisurely, but I think still no littlenecks.

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      Oceanaire has a nice selection of fresh fish and oysters. It's upscale in decor, service and price. Think it is only open for lunch during the week. You definitely would not feel rushed there; it is located near City Hall. More info on there web site.

    2. I like to stop at one place for oysters and then move on. I had some great oysters at Kingfish Hall this past weekend, and I always enjoy the Oyster Bar in Fanueil Hall. Neptune Oyster is another popular choice. From there you could go to the North End for some seafood fra diavolo or calamari and mussels at a number of good restaurants. Search the boards and see what sounds good. You may even decide to stay at Kingfish Hall or often times the Irish Pubs in the area offer specials on steamed lobsters.

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        I just had a seafood extravaganza at Neptune for my birthday. My bf and I had oysters, shrimp cocktail, fried clams, yellowfin tuna tartar and lobster spagettini (sp?) which is the special on Monday. Everything was great. Although we shared it all, we barely got through half of the spagettini, which was quite unfortunate because it was delicious and chock full of lobster. Including a bottle of wine, it was about 70$ pp including tip, which for the quality and quantity, i think is a pretty good deal. The place is really quaint and the service was perfect; casual but attentive and efficient.

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          I'll also add a vote for KFH. Took out of town DCs there when we couldn't get into Neptune on a busy Sat. night. Only 20" wait at the bar for an upstairs table(main floor too noisy). We all loved the mixed seafood tower w/oysters, clams, etc., 2 of us had the "Dancing Fish" & the other, the full clambake. We were very happy w/food & service.

        2. Although they don't fit the bargain price bracket, I've always had good luck at McCormick & Schmick. It's always fresh, and you can't get a better selection. Lots of wine to choose from, and decent bartending.

          I still like Turner Fisheries for chowder. Have the chowder and a cold draft, then head for M&S.

          1. I've enjoyed Atlantic Seafood on Boylston St. I don't think they would rush you out.

            1. For Chinese food, I think the best seafood is at East Ocean City in Chinatown