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Is there any decent NY style Pizza in OC?

The debate rolls on but I have yet to find anything really good. Is it because our water supply has more chlorine than a swimming pool?

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  1. Have you tried A Slice of New York in Seal Beach? I was there recently and thought that it was a pretty decent interpretation of NY street pizza.

    See: http://www.kevineats.com/2009/01/slic...

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      I like the pizza at A Slice of New York in Seal Beach, but It may have gone down a bit. Last time i was there, I think there was a new owner.

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        I last tried A Slice of NY in Seal Beach a few months ago and thought that the pizza at AL's NY Cafe was much better because it had better flavor. However, Al's is a tiny dive more suited for takeout than for dining on the few little tables that it has. While small, A Slice of NY had comfortable red booths and is in a great location on Main Street where one can stroll the quaint shops and Seal Beach Pier.

    2. Al's New York Cafe on Irvine & 17th in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach.

      On a recommendation, I went there and the pizza rocked! If I had to fault it, it almost (almost) had too much cheese! But then, I've gotten used to Zpizza which is on the low end.

      The crust was crispy yet foldable. The sauce had the right hint of oregano. There was ample pepperoni and the mozzarella was gooey and stringy. As I took a bite, I had to extend my arm to it's full length and still pull at the strings of cheese.

      Best part: Lunch special - 2 slices and a soda = $5!!

      1. Depends. Do you want NY slice type pizza, or coal oven type pizza (a la Lombardi's, Angelo's, etc.)?

        If the latter, so sorry but not possible.

        If the former, go to Luigi's D'Italia on State College and South in Anaheim (across from Albertsons). Get the extra-large size and tell them you want it cut in ONLY EIGHT SLICES.

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          sounds good never tried this place. pina's bistro in tustin is pretty good, but it's not new york style and you have to request more cheese on it.

          hey Das, what was that joint also in anaheim that serves up meatball subs, i think you mentioned it, it's supposed to look like a tourist trap but actually serves up the delicious wares. thanks.


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            The meatball subs? That's Niberino's. It's in the "His Nibs" liquor store on the NE corner of Sunkist and Ball Road, same plaza as Jagerhaus.

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              Hey Kevin, I've only tried this pizza once and I think they may have made a mistake with my order. The pizza didn't seem to have any mozzarella, just Romano/Parmesan cheese. Is that typical of Pina's pizza?

          2. In San Clemente try LaRocco's. If I was still in Brooklyn I would think his pizza is one of the best.

            In Laguna Beach right by Main Beach Johnnies Pizza is pretty good, and if the John owner is there he is pretty interesting to talk to.

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              There is a LaRocco's in Huntington Beach as well. Going there for lunch tomorrow.

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                LaRocco's is pizza heaven! I live 18 miles away in Mission Viejo, but look for reasons to go to San Clemente. I grew up in the suburbs of NYC and have been looking for a place like this for years. Paul, the owner, is often there - he'll make you feel like family.

              2. Al's in Costa Mesa and New York Upper Crust in Irvine are my 2 favorite places.

                New York's Upper Crust Pizza
                5613 Alton Parkway Gelsons Ctr, Irvine, CA 92602

                Al's New York Cafe
                1673 Irvine Ave Ste B, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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                  I've tried NY Upper Crust in Irvine, but was a bit disappointed. Yesterday, tried LaRocco's in Huntington Beach. Next stop will be a Slice of NY in Seal Beach, but so far, none can hold a candle to

                  Al's New York Cafe

                  1. re: janetms383

                    LaRocco's SUCKED.

                    I say this not because the pizza was only mediocre, but after I had received my slices, a party of 3 came in and ordered slices. The wasted no-personality kid behind the counter took their money and then touched their slices with his grungy hands!!!! If he had been the one to serve me, I would have walked out of the store. Luckily, my order was handled by someone with better hygiene, but that observation is enough to completely put me off this place. They need better quality control.

                    Go to Al's New York Cafe.

                2. irishkevbo,

                  I've searched high and low for good pizza in OC, and came up with a very short list. I posted on Chowhound a long time ago, asking for good pizza recommendations in OC and tried quite a few, but came up short.

                  Finally...Can't believe I just discovered this place recently. Apparently it's been around for a few years.

                  This is by far and away the best in OC for New York style pizza, it's that authentic. One taste of this pizza is going to make you smile. Cheese pizza is the best pizza there. Would recommend trying it first. They don't have the 900 degree coal ovens, so oddly enough the slices that are reheated/crisped again in the oven, are better than the fresh pies out of the oven.

                  EDIT: Please note that CHEESE PIZZA is what to order here. The other pizzas are good, but very much pale in comparison to the cheese pizza.

                  It's in the same shopping center as Trader Joe's and Sport Chalet.

                  2500 East Imperial Highway
                  Brea, CA 92821


                  Was going to write a review on this find, when I saw your post. I haven't posted on Chowhound in a long time, but felt this was actually newsworthy.
                  Finally, pizza the OC can brag about.

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                    has anyone else been here,? i remember visiting back in 2003 or was it 2004, the name shot right back to me, if i'm not mistaken it was about a mile or so away from a lucille's in a mega-mall full of chain restaurants, right off the 57 FWY,

                    BUT alas i don't remember it being that memorable correct me if i'm wrong.


                    1. re: kevin

                      kevin, As far as not being memorable, I kind of agree with you in that anything but the cheese pizza is good but not great. The cheese pizza shines. I think I'll edit my post to reflect that.

                      1. re: GrindzHound

                        well, cheese pizza is always my good to item anyhow.

                        gives us a heads up when you post.

                        if i'm not mistaken it's been there since at least 2003 or 2004


                        1. re: kevin

                          So it's been open for 5 years or so? Hope to hear from some New Yorkers. Although I have to admit this pizza isn't my favorite pizza, it is authentic East Coast stuff. That's why I was impressed by this place...a neighborhood joint that is so hard to find.

                      2. re: kevin

                        I did take out from Mammaluccos a month ago. Perhaps our mistake was getting a sausage & mushroom pizza which I thought was ok. However, their garlic rolls are DELISH!

                        Yes, they're about a mile east of the 57 on the south side of the street (near Trader Joe's).

                        We'll have to go back for their plain cheese pizza....

                        1. re: OCAnn

                          Mammalucco's is Bronx style pizza--think Arthur Ave. Most of the items there are generally excellent examples of this style. The pizzas are usually really good--they are great when the owner, John, is there. His recipes were handed down from his uncle Vesuvio who ran a bakery/pizzeria on Zerega Ave.in the Bronx for 50 years.

                          People who are looking for Brooklyn style or downtown slices or New Jersey style or coal fired whole pies or CT apizza will find it doesn't quite fit the bill. Simlar to bagels, pastrami, barbecue, "Mexican", and smoked fish, pizza preference is a question of both personal taste and regional influence. I'm pretty ecumenical myself--although raised on the Ray's slice I like it all. Anyway, Mammalucco's is definitely one of the highlights of North OC pizza/red sauce joints.

                          1. re: stuffed

                            I think it's not bad, but it ain't home. I prefer their pasta anyway; they're one of the only places that doesn't pollute their gravy with sugar.

                            1. re: Das Ubergeek

                              Agreed on the pasta. They get their sausage from a good supplier as well. And I'm partial to their Italian wedding soup.

                              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                                Gravy on pasta?

                                did i miss something?

                                mmammalucco's for bronx style then? eh?

                                sounds good.

                                come to think of it i may tried it before if it's the joint in brea????

                                1. re: kevin

                                  LOL, "gravy" aka "sauce". It must be an Easy Coast thing.

                      3. Pizzeria Ortica In Costa Mesa has a 900 degree wood-burning oven and they say the yeast starter for the dough is over 300 years old. Anyone tried it yet?

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                          I believe that Pizzeria Ortica serves "gourmet" pizzas, and something that definitely wouldn't be considered as "NY Pizza".