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Feb 11, 2009 03:09 PM

Local Faves - Eastchester/Tuckahoe/Scarsdale

What are some of your favorite quick bite items in local restaurants/deli's/pizzerias? here's my top ten go-to items

1. Everything Bagel- Scarsdale Bagels on Garth Road (there are these and then there are every other bagel).

2. Bacon Bleu Burger - Piper's Kilt in Eastchester. The best burgers in Westchester and in my opinion the best I've tasted period. Medium Are or less only!

3. Chorizo Burrito - Burrito Poblano in Tuckahoe. Perfect mix of chorizo, rice, beans, lettuce and tomato and served with delicious hot sauces and sour cream.

4. Barbara's Special Slice - Chubby's Express. The most simple and delicious pizza around. Basil, tomatoes and mozzarella and a little olive oil. Occasionally I'll bring it home and add some balsamic. The dough is what makes it though.

5. Chicken Fingers - Joe's Quarry Inn. While I should order the item that has my name attached to it (Hopper's Poppers) I usually go for these. Covered in panko breadcrumbs this is much different from most places chicken fingers.

6. Chicken Parm Slice - Amore Pizza. Can't explain it, but it's amazing. I've had them at so many other places and for whatever reason I just keep coming back to them for this specific slice.

7. General Tsao's combo platter - East Bamboo. A ton of food, always fresh, and the sauce has just the right amount of spice to go with the sweet. Also, for whatever reason their rice lately has been off the charts.

8. Crock of Chili - Piper's Kilt. Covered with raw onion and melted cheddar. Delicious.

9. Buffalo Wings - Piper's Kilt. OK so I'm there a lot, but their wings are still as good as any out there. Not the best, but solid every time.

10. Chicken Deluxe - Maple Deli - simple sandwich, but they pack it on. Sliced breaded cutlets, with lettuce tomato and mayo on a roll, served with a nice helping of french fries. I always get a side of bleu cheese for dipping the fries and the sandwich!

Honorable Mention - Irish Nachos - Mickey Spillane's, Ribs - Joe's Quarry Inn, Thin crust pizza - Roma's, Thanksgiving Wedge - Chubby's Express, Italian Combo - Mona Lisa and finally, the Eastchester Burger - Piper's Kilt.

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  1. Any recomendations for nice dinner restaurants?

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    1. re: kaaaassss

      Well my post wasn't about that, but honestly I usually stray away for a nice meal. Kinda defeats the prupose in my oipinion to have a nice meal when you run into 20 people you feel obbligated to say hello to.

      I've had some great meals at American Bistro in the past but haven't been there in some time. I know people cringe when they hear this, but Pizza & Brew serves better Italian fare than any place in these three towns in my opinion. While noisy and rather cold, I had delicious meals at Mezzaluna in Scarsdale. The problem is buzz )which I am guilty of too). I have heard nothing good about the latest opening in Tuckahoe, Eastchester, and Scarsdale, actually much to the contrary, but I guess I should try some of them for myself.

      The one place I have heard nothing bad about but never get around to going to is Jackie's Bistro. And the food is right up my alley!

    2. 4. Barbara's Special Slice - Chubby's Express. The most simple and delicious pizza around. Basil, tomatoes and mozzarella and a little olive oil. Occasionally I'll bring it home and add some balsamic. The dough is what makes it though.

      have you been to all antica pizza next to scarsdale train station/ its fab

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      1. re: intrepid

        Interpid, funny you should say that because I used to live on Garth Road and I was driving by down it the other day and couldn't remember where the Pizzeria everyone was raving about was. I was at work, so I didn't spend much time trying to remember. I'll hit it next week. Thanks for the reminder.

        1. re: intrepid

          Inteprid, I finally made it today over to All Antica, and I was a litte disappointed. I'm not a huge fan of thin crust pizza, and without their intention it's thin crust pizza. I ordered a white slice and a chicken slice. Got to my car opened the box and was quite taken back by the size of the slices. The white slice was a little bigger than my hand (and at $3.50 ra ripoff). So about 6-7 bites later it was gone and soon to be forgotten. the saltiest slice of pizze I have ever eaten. Crust was nice and crips, so thin crust pizza lovers would be in heaven. The cheese was ok, but it just didn't have that nice warm feeling. The chicken parm was a lot bigger then the first slice and loaded with chicken, tomatoes and cheese. Only one problem and I say this with complete seriousness....if I had been blindfolded I would not have known what I was eating. The slice was completely and utterly void of flavor. Huge diappointment./

          I realize that I am a flavor fiend and 90% of the country likes things on the bland side, so I assume that most people would find the slices ok, but when I get a slice, even a plain slice, I want to taste the sauce, the cheese and the dough in all their greatness.

          I'll stick to Mezzaluna for my white slice & Amore for my chicken slice when I'm in Scarsdale

        2. Have you tried All Antica Pizzaria in scarsdale village? Its the best pizza I have had in along time. I would really strongly recommend it.

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          1. re: Chuckaroo1991

            There is a thread or two on All Antica Pizzaria. And to save a question or search it is located in the station circle next door to DD's.

            1. re: Jon1856

              My next slice is from there. I promise

              1. re: jhopp217

                It will be a slice well worth it! Try the shrimp scampi slice if you love shrimp!

            2. re: Chuckaroo1991

              you have to try the slice with potatos and proscuitto. It is out of this world!

            3. Due to the frequent laudatory postings about Joe's Quarry Inn (by jhopp217 in particular), my son and I decided to have dinner there last night. It was all around a pretty disappointing and mediocre meal.
              We started with the jalepeno poppers and chicken tenders. The poppers had not a fraction of an iota of heat to them, were over-cooked, and seemed to be filled with something resembling Velveeta. The "dipping sauce" was jarred Thousand Island dressing. The chicken tenders were also over-cooked, and almost blackened around the edge. We passed on the honey-mustard, and no other accompaniment was forthcoming. They were crunchy, yes, but they were also extremely greasy. I did not feel like a having a burger, so I went for the roast chicken and had fried okra on the side. The okra was fine, but the chicken smelled a bit like it had been waiting for someone to order it for a couple of days. It wasn't very tasty. My son had the Shepherd's Pie that, inexplicably was made with beef. It was completely leaden. In my book, a shepherd cares for sheep, so that just seemed way off. The martini I had was cold and well-made and was probably the best thing I had that night. I remember the place from when it was American Bistro, and the acoustics haven't improved one bit. The noise was deafening and as soon as we could, we beat a hasty retreat. Including tip, it was $70.00. Too much for too little, and I cannot feature ever returning.

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              1. re: roxlet

                I'm sorry that the meal was not up to your standards, although to be completely honest your comments lack a little credibility being that you said you had dinner there last night and the noise was deafening. I was sitting at the bar last night and at no point were there more than 8 people in the dining room. First Friday of Lent and a menu filled with meat dishes kept the crowds away. I am not meaning this as a personal attack, but you could hear a pin drop in there last night, so I get the feeling this harsh criticism was slightly predetermined.

                I agree that the poppers tend to be a little on the mild side, but the dipping sauce is actually almost like a duck sauce, not anything like thousand island dressing. I'm sorry the tenders were greasy and overcooked, that is rare. I have never had the roasted chicken there, so I can not comment, and I share your feelings about Shepherd's pie. Unfortunately, most places make it with beef these days. Honestly, I used to think that shepherd's pie was only made with Lamb until I was told that it was customarily used with any and all types of scrap meat that was leftover after making other dishes. Traditionally it is known as cottage pie and is made with beef, but the use of lamb has mistakenly been equated to Shepherd's pie. I know this because I complained in an Irish Pub once when I was served the dish with beef instead of lamb. While I agree it "should" be made with Lamb and is much better when done so, this is not very common to be honest with you.

                  1. re: jhopp217

                    We were sitting in the first booth off the bar, and yes, the noise was deafening. The room has absolutely no acoustic baffles, and sound reverbs all over the place. When it was American Bistro, they made some attempt to control the noise by haveing these weird sound-baffling panels all over the room, which are no longer there.
                    The dipping sauce for the poppers was not duck sauce; I know quite well what duck sauce is, and this was not it. This was Thousand Island dressing, and even if it were duck sauce, I would think that that would be a very weird dipping sauce for poppers. But maybe it's OK for people who like poppers that are filled with a type of Velveta cheese, I can't say. Salsa maybe, but duck sauce, I think not.
                    Maybe there are some items here and there on the menu that are worthwhile but I have no intention of returning to further explore the culinary wonders of Joe's Quarry Inn. One $70 bill for poor to mediocre bar food is all I have in my wallet.

                    1. re: roxlet

                      Someone, and I do mean someone, had a bad night that night.
                      I think we all can agree that at least once, if not even more often, we have had a poor experience at a restuarant for any number of reasons:
                      We came in with a certain aditude or just bad mood.
                      We came in with the bar set very high.
                      Some one(s) within the restuarant having a bad moment or bad day.
                      General staff problems.
                      General supply problems.
                      And the list could go on and on and on.....

                      And yet, someone we know just LOVED the place.

                      And that is what makes any kind of review, either one like ours or a prof. one, kind of interesting. For the bottom line it is one persons POV of what happened to them at a given point in time, at a given place in time, at a certain place in time. And a given mind set.

                      Here is a perfect example: Two different people at the same place, same time and two very different reports.

                      1. re: Jon1856

                        I had a fine night; I had a bad meal. I paid a lot for said meal, ergo I won't return. It is my POV, absolutely, but I believe me, I came with a "mind set" to love the place and to add it to my admittedly small list of good local restaurants. I dine out infrequently enough that I rarely try a new place where I don't have some reasonable certainty will be good and a good value. Neither was the case here and I am sorry if it offends your sense of the proper review. I'm sure that everyone associated with this bar has good intentions, but the fact remains that a place that serves greasy, over-cooked appetizers with jarred condiments as "dipping" sauces will never make it onto my list of top area restaurants. You can find fault with that if you like, but that is my opinion.

                        1. re: roxlet

                          I do undterstand just what you said and are saying Roxlet.
                          I was NOT issuing a fault to you at all.
                          In fact, the list I wrote tried to "place" blame" on just about everyone.

                          My POV is a bit different then yours. If I see a new place (or even a place that has been around) that I have not been in and looks interesting, I will keep it in mind to try it for myself as I too dine out very infrequently. And have found several good, nice places that way. And a few bad ones. Example: My GF and I went to Globe and hated it. Yet many here Love it. They go back, I will not based on my time there. While perhaps it has changed for the better, many other places for me to go to and try.

                          Several years ago, several friends and I went to a Broadway show and loved it.
                          Next day it was reviewed by a major TV reviewer who had also seen it that very same night and hated it!
                          I ended up having a rather interesting e-mail exchange with him and got to know his POV and reasons.
                          The show did close early.

                          Same holds very true with restuarant reviews.

                          1. re: Jon1856

                            If that is by way of an explaination for your previous post as well as your other "busted" comment (which I took to be an attack on the honesty of what I had written) then fine. I read it as an ad hominem attack, but I am certainly happy that it wasn't meant as such.

                            1. re: Jon1856

                              Had a conversation with a gym rat (who is a foodie of sorts) this morning.
                              He too has been a Joes's several time. We both agreed that while far from hight end, it is a rather good comfort food place. And neither one of us ever have had a problem there-yet.
                              I say yet because he was has a place last night just over the CT boarder.
                              A place he has been to and loved ofver 50 times. Well this time he did not.
                              Several members of his party of 8 had a bad meal. Thus a bad experience.
                              He said pont blank that if this had been his first time there he would never go back and would raise a stink with his friends about it.
                              However, because of his experiences both there and other places, he knew and understood that for some reason they just had a bad night.
                              And he handled it that way and ended up getting two entrees off the bill.
                              And just as that place had a bad night for him, seems as if Joe had a bad night for you.
                              Having never had or heard of a noise issue at that location, that one comment of yours did strike me as a bit odd and a bit out of place.
                              However, I guess we all have different limits/ideas/thoughts of what noise it.

                              1. re: Jon1856

                                perfect example for me. Piper's KIlt. I go there all the time. In 15 years i"ve had three bad burgers. Why would I write about them and not the 1000 good burgers?

                                BTW, great wings and a great blue burger w/bacon tonight. Medium rare...with a heartbeat!

                        2. re: roxlet

                          Roxlet, I am sorry if you feel this is an attack, I actuallly look for your reviews, because they seem to be honest and interesting. And you seem to be in the same area as I am. I do have one question, just because I want to know where you go (sincerely) where $70 for two apps, two entrees (not burgers) and a martini is not a good deal. I don't think that is a lot at all. Last night I went out for dinner withmy girlfriend and spent $175. We went to a Mexican place in Larchmont. Now say we would have stuck the the apps for two, each had an entree, and each had one margarita...that's it. The bill would have been $68 before tax and tip, so after it would have been about $90.

                          If I go out and have fingers, an entree and a mixed drink, I expect to pay $35-40 minimum before tax and tip. I have no real problem with you disliking your meal (Hell I've ripped Smith and Wollensky's to shreds on this site and people think I'm nuts), but I would like a comment or two on the cost. $70 for dinner for two is pretty much a bargain!

                          1. re: jhopp217

                            I guess that I never feel it's a bargain if I've had a disappointing meal. Had we enjoyed our meal, I might have felt it was a deal, but in these times, money spent on something pleasurable -- like a meal -- that gives no pleasure always feels like too much.

                            1. re: roxlet

                              Roxlet, that explanation is not only right on the money, but words I live by. I would rather spend $200 for a freat dinner than spend $40 for a loousy meal.

                              Sorry your experience was not as pleasurable as the ones I have experienced quite often at Joe's. I will,,a as I always do, look forward to your future posts and opinions.