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Feb 11, 2009 02:56 PM

best pasta in san francisco?

Anyone have an opinion on the matter?

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    1. I just had a totally, surprisingly, great set of pastas at Sodini's in North Beach. Wowie. Sauces were stellar and the pastas perfectly cooked/dressed. I hadn't been in years and it seems to still have its old school roots & charm. Price were good too. Its not Incanto or Perbacco style but soulful & deeply satisfying.

      510 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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        510 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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            Quince. Ahh yes, delicious. More in the Incanto/Perbacco vein. I almost said something in my earlier post about Quince but seem to remember they were closed, moving or starting up a new venture.

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              I'm sorry to report that my last dinner at Quince, about six weeks ago, was quite disappointing. Quince has been one of my favorite restaurants for a while, but the preparation seemed apathetic, without a lot of coherence or excitement. The lagniappes that they started with were very disappointing, given how small they are, it should have been easy to finish them, but we didn't. I'm hoping this was just an off-night for them, but at the price (around $300 for four) it will be hard to go back quickly.

              For pasta, I like Incanto and Perbacco quite a bit also. If we are talking about total dishes rather than the pasta itself, the pasta with preserved tuna heart at Incanto is wildly good, if it's on the menu.

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                realspear, is Incanto's tuna heart pasta supposed to be heavy on the garlic? I've only had that dish once, and it was so overloaded with burnt garlic that you couldn't taste anything else except a little bit of heat from the chilis. My friend and I probably should've sent it back, but we didn't know what to think and were surprised since the chef was in the kitchen that night.

                1. re: justtryit

                  That doesn't sound at all like my experience, I don't think I've ever had it be spicy or taste of burnt garlic. It's always had a somewhat intense and gamy taste.

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                    All I remember is the salt, I have never had a dish as salty in life, our appetizer was really salty also. It seemed like someone dropped the salt container into all the food. Never been back I was so disappointed in that place.

            2. I have always been partial to the pasta at E'Angelo on Chestnut. I love their carbonara and they have a simple, very freshly dressed green salad.

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                Wow, E'Angelo is still there?! I remember going there on dates in high school (that was a looong time ago, in the 80s)! Obviously I'm hardly ever in the neighborhood....

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                  A friend ate there within the last 2 years. He said they were still very welcoming.