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Feb 11, 2009 02:35 PM

Park& Fly Meal Rec.- Manchester, NH

Manchester Hounds, we are flying out of Manchester Airport for winter week vacation and returning Sat. night, the 21st. We will be staying at the Quality Inn on 121 S. River Rd., Bedford. Can I ask for any recommendations near the motel that are cheap (we're returning from Las Vegas!) and good grub. Any cuisine is good, just no chains. Thanks so much. I'm happy to return the favor if you should visit the Acadia Park area.
Oh, yes is the taco truck still open, and if so, Sat night or Sunday morning? Directions to it please.

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  1. Chen Yang Li is my favorite Americanized Chinese restaurant. It's right off 293 at rt. 3, in Bedford. I recommend the Sunkist Scallops and Walnuts, which has a sauce similar to that of their General Gao's chicken; also the Two Brother's Special Shrimp. Portions are generous and elegantly-presented, with a choice of white, brown, or vegetable fried rice, yet the prices are comparable to more bare-bones Chinese places. If you want tea, you have to ask for it. I haven't been recently, since I am 40 miles away; sadly they closed the Nashua location which was half the distance.

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    1. Chen Yang Li is nice, right there on S. River Rd, not too pricey.

      Not sure about the taco truck being open but I believe so - they are on the corner of Lake and Union. Take a right From Elm st. going north from Queen City Bridge onto Lake St. or Granite Street turns into Lake from Everett Turnpike (Verizon in on that corner) but it turns into one way, so just take a left (from Lake) onto Pine for one street then take a right, then your next right (your on Union now). It's right there in a parking lot on your left at the light (Lake and Union). Hope it helps. Have fun in vegas.

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        The Menu looks fine, thanks.
        Will google map taco truck.

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          Go crazy--have the 3 course Peking duck! Tell Kimi that the Bills sent you.

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            Duck is always our favorite.
            Do you know how cool chowhound is? Two hours ago I didn't know where to eat and now I'm looking forward to it.
            I don't see the 3 course Peking Duck on the menu.

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              Chowhound ******'n ROCKS!!!! I don't know how I managed to go ANYWHERE and find anything to eat before. The answer is, I found loads of YUCK. ;D

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                It's on the in-house menu. Which gets me thinking....there used to be a dish called Beggar's Chicken listed on the menu. I think it might even have been on the take-out menu but it's not on the one I have on hand - it required several days' advanced notice and served 2-3 people for around $50. It involved marinating a chicken in various spices, nuts, and dried fruits, then encasing it in clay before cooking. I never tried it and always wanted to because when I asked one of the senior waiters what was the best dish on the menu, he got a blissful look on his face and said it was the Beggar's Chicken.

        2. Chen Yang Li is a good recommendation

          For breakfast or lunch you might want to try a Manchester institution: the Red Arrow diner. It's downtown and open 24 hours.

          1. We just want to thank you for the recommendation about Chen Yang Li. We arrived back from LV at almost 9 pm, just walked across the street from the motel, had sweet & sour seafood soup, crispy, duck, lamb two ways and a bottle of Mondavi Cab. A nice relaxing end to a fine trip.
            ps A good snow storm going on outside; no work tomorrow?

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