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Feb 11, 2009 02:27 PM

Taco Trucks?

My favorite taco truck is on the east side, on York Ave in Highland Park. They have a melt-in-your mouth, flavorful pastor taco.

I want to hire a taco truck for a party in early March, but the truck mentioned above is stationary!! It cannot move, it's a permanent location.

Does anyone have any recommendations for really good, well made tacos in a taco truck that I could hire to come to my party?


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  1. We had some great tacos from a taco truck on Lincoln (Venice or Santa Monica). I do not remember the name, but it was in conjunction with a meat market. It is in the same parking lot as Smart and Final, a toy store....and something else. Hope that helps a little.

    1. There are two good trucks on Huntington Drive in El Sereno. Really close to Highland Park. If I'm not mistaken, they are between Eastern and Main Street in Alhambra. Good, cheap stuff that has lots of flavor.

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        We used to eat very good tacos from a Taco truck in El Sereno, sounds like the location mentioned above, Tacos El Paisa, great tacos, but last time we drove there, perhaps a year ago, they were not there. Are they back? They were in El Sereno, on Huntington Drive, few blocks before Main Street in Alhambra. Please HELP!! We want to find them!!

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          Thanks to this post, and to" ohdaylay" I decided to drive to El Sereno yesterday, and I was so happy to find "Tacos El Paisa" on Huntington Drive, just before Main St. in Alhambra ~ the same taco truck that I remember from many years ago, the same nice lady working at the truck, and she even remembered us : ) ~ best of all the same flavors.
          Ask for a carne asada taco Paisa Style!! (seen in photo)

        2. OMG...I just had to reply to this tread................because last year, I must have spent a month TRYING to hire a taco truck for an event and I can't tell you how impossible it was. Not only did we Google everything we could find, we called Mexican rests that had taco trucks. We sent interns down to streets with translated English/Spanish letters. We called and called. We called LA Times reporters who wrote about Taco Trucks. Did we get one?


          Suffice to say this: eat at taco trucks. Love them. Don't expect to hire them.

          I think it's because most are not legal. I dunno..the search we went through was almost comical, but if you have success, I want to hear about it. Your victory will be fun to share with my Non Taco Truck Securing Posse.

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            Thanks for the info. This is depressing considering I wanted to hire a taco truck for my wedding and got shot down by my mother-in-law, then wanted to hire a taco truck for the baby shower, and again shot down by mother-in-law, and now I'm hosting my daughter's first birthday party at my house and was planning to take matters into my own hands and finally hire a taco truck.

            I know about the concept of a taco bar--may just have to go that route, but it's not quite the same and you miss the photo op (and I'm a photographer.)

            I will post again when I do more research.

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              I have hired a Taco Guy, that sets up the taco bar and cooks all of the meat on the spot. He is fantastic, his prices are great and I have used him for company events, my son's 1st birthday, his baptism and other family events. The business is called Tacos a Domicilio the guy's name is Salvador and his number is 310-609-2405. Good luck.

            2. Not sure about the availability of trucks, but many good taquerias will do "taquizas" - in other words, a taco bar - for parties. A friend had My Taco in Highland Park do this, but many other places will do the same. I'm pretty sure Huarache Azteca also does taquizas.

              My Taco
              6300 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

              El Huarache Azteca
              5225 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

              1. I know that people have hired people with grills that made tacos and condiment bars. You might want to look into this.

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                  Actually during our Taco Truck Insanity month...we did bump into one company that trailers out a BBQ and does tacos. Lacks the charm of a roach coach with all the cool paintings on the side, but probably tastes really good. If you want the contact, please say so and I"ll look it up for you.

                  Sounds like your Mother In Law needs to chill (or maybe you should stop listening to her !)

                  1. re: FoodKitCat

                    PLEASE pass on info on the trailer bbq. That sounds like a great back up plan. I really appreciate your help! The date is quickly approaching!!!