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Feb 11, 2009 02:26 PM

Where to buy punt e mes

I could have sworn I'd seen it at Charles St Liquors, but apparently not as they had no idea what I was talking about after I couldn't find it. Where can I find it in the city (preferably along the red line)? I'm guessing Brix would be a likely candidate (and since it'd be far more convenient for me, does the one over on Broad St have the same selections as the south end one?)

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  1. The liquor store next to the Whole Foods in Alewife has been known to stock it.

    1. Not on the red line, but Wine and Cheese Cask has it ($19)

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      1. re: nfo

        That actually isn't too far out of my daily routine (and thanks to chickendhansak - actually the gf recommended the river st WFM as having a lot of vermouths as well), I'll have to check them all out.

      2. I believe that Liquor World in the Shaw's Shopping center at Porter Square T is stocking it (or trying to at least.)

        It's an easy on/off the red line so it's worth checking out.

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          I get over that way w/ some regularity, will check it out. That store always manages to surprise me w/ their selections.

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            Great! After talking with one of the employee's I know they work hard on it :-)

        2. I buy it at Marty's, corner of Comm Ave & Harvard Ave in Allston on the Green (B) line.

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            Martignetti's in Brighton has it as well. If I remember correctly, they're a coupla buck cheaper than most places

            I'd call and check before quoting me on that one.

          2. Brix on Broad definitely has it.

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              I know its out of the way but Kappys on Route 1 (Revere Saugus line) has it for $16. Also Cirace in the North End should have it.