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Feb 11, 2009 02:19 PM

Birthday Dinner In Newtown Area

My wife is celebrating her 50th birthday and we'd like to find a nice restaurant in the Newtown, Yardley, New Hope area, although NE Phiadelphia and the Warminster/Willow Grove area would be fine. Money or cuisine are not big issues, although we do love places that are converted mansions or homes.

Thanks for your help-

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  1. Rouget, in Newtown is one of the best places in Bucks County. It's BYOB

    1. if $$$'s no object, Mansion Inn in New Hope is excellent

      1. Sounds like Rouget is your place. Haven't been there yet personally, but have heard good things. If you take stock in the Craig Laban reviews, he really liked it (3 bells).

        1. There is no Place to go for this party in Newtown but La Stalla on Swamp Road. Trust me, its the best

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            Not sure what La Stalla is is the best at, but it's not food, which is average and sometimes good. It's a nice atmosphere but nothing special. I've been there for several meals and have been to Rouget (50 yards away), which is located in a converted mansion/home. The food at Rouget is far superior, the atmosphere is much more upscale yet relaxed and it's a BYOB.

            LaStalla is known more for its bar/pick-up scene for the well-to-do Upper Makefield middle aged crowd so the atmosphere is usually lively and happy.

            1. re: jimmybinns

              I stopped for lunch at La Stalla in December. Mentioned it on a previous board like this: Suffered through a tasteless minestrone and truly the worst cannoli I have ever had. My wife and I used to think this place set the standard for Italian food in Bucks County. How the mighty have fallen. Rouget is definitely on my must-go-to list but haven't had the chance.