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Feb 11, 2009 02:11 PM

Lunch not called Matt's, Salumi, Le Pichet?

Done these three many times, other good choices? Not around the market is good. Looking through previous posts about all that i get is these three. Any new good wine shops too? Thanks very much.

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  1. If you are willing to cross the ship canal, Paseo - either location (Fremont or Ballard)

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      Paseo is a great idea, though the distance may be an issue. For a change of pace, see Zaina on Cherry, for falafel or, especially, for the eggplant in pita.

      Though distinctly aroun the market, the Pan African Market has an njera so great it makes up for that proxiity. Some say its panness dicombobulates, but I know nothing of geography and my taste buds enjoy the platters.

    2. Hit the ID. Pho tai chin at Pho Bac on 7th Ave S, dim sum at Jade Garden, or banh xeo and bo la lot at Green Leaf are all outstanding options.

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      1. re: terrier

        Terrier has just pried the lid off of one of Seattle's great treasures, the ID, and those suggestions are top-drawer. Start at Samurai noodle for the hottest dish on the planet, Tetsu Hellfire, then hit Green Village, for a bowl of garlic, then proceed along a grid-search pattern until you have eaten behind every door. That will take care of you.

      2. 611 Supreme, Honeyhole Sandwiches, Lola

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        1. re: natalie.warner

          ID: Homestyle HK Cafe or Mike's Noodle House for wonton, noodle soup combos, congee or stone pot rice; Phnom Penh Noodle House for Cambodian flavor; Tsukushinbo for homestyle Japanese (ramen on Fridays also, I think).

          In Pioneer Square: Tat's for cheesesteaks and other East Coast style subs, and apparently great lunch at the new Elliot Bay Cafe.