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Feb 11, 2009 02:07 PM

Eatable Roses

anyone know of a good retail store selling eatable rose peddles?

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    1. I would start with whole foods... I don't know if their flowers are organic, but they should at least be able to tell you if they are. They may have a separate section of edible flowers as well.

      On the other hand, it's not like you are going to be eating them on a daily basis, so I personally wouldn't worry too much about residual pesticides on commercially grown petals. Wash them well before using and enjoy sparingly.

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        thanks for your suggestions tdaaa. i was told not all roses can be eaten so i have to do a little more research.

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          I read somewhere that there are no poisonous flowers - sounds suspect, but I certainly have never heard about poisonous rose petal varietals. Roses are difficult to grow and have many pests, so commercially produced roses are covered with pesticides, none of which are particularly good for you. On the other hand, neither is bacon.

        1. Years ago I needed rose petals for a moroccan recipe printed in the Boston Globe. The restaurant Lala Rouk (sp?) in Boston was mentioned in the article so I called them and asked them for suggestions on where to purchase. They steered me to a Middle Eastern store on Mt. Auburn Street in Watertown. Don't remember the name or if it's still there but maybe check out that area.

          1. Don't know where you can get them locally but we had our wedding cake decorated with organic (edible) roses! http://www.flyingapron.net/special.htm upper right photo.