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Best pizza in London

There have to be some hidden gems..?

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  1. My favourite place is L'Artista. There are three of them, one in Hendon, another in Golders Green and the one I always visit which is on Edgware Road, near Marble Arch. The pizzas are huge, well priced and very, very good. Nearest thing to actual New York style I've experienced in London.

    Franco Manca, of course, is good for Neopolitan.

    Icco/Ecco is good for dirt-cheap pizzas in a loud cafe type setting, surrounded by UCL students. The pizzas are ok.

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    1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

      can't call pizza the one from artista, poor ingrediants!!! maybe is fine for turists

    2. Franco Manca's going to be the standard answer right now, but I do know of a very good place run by Albanians. I can't remember the name, but I'll post it when I do.

      ICCO's pizza is disgusting. It's not even dirt cheap (they raised their prices) and the quality should make the Italians that work there ashamed of themselves. Avoid at all costs.

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        You think it's "disgusting"? Perhaps you're exaggerating, but it is in no way disgusting. You can pay more for a worse pizza in a lot of places. It's fine.

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          'Disgusting'? That's way too harsh - I dont' mind their pizzas at all. I used to work nearby and they were the perfect hangover cure for Friday lunch.

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            Really? I think their ingredients are terrible, the dough is among the worst I've ever had, etc. Pizza Express is almost inedible, but it's actually better than ICCO (and more expensive.)

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              I think we might need to agree to disagree on this one!

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                pizza express inedible? Ecco disgusting?


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                  Pizza Express isn't great, but inedible? That's probably pushing it a bit. I've had quite satisfactory lunches there.

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                    I do agree with you!!! bad quality and high price

            2. Try Oliveto, on Elizabeth Street. I have not been there in a few years, but I have thought their pizza (and almost all their other food) is pretty good.


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                Oliveto - that brings back memories! I used to go there all the time in the mid nineties when I worked around the corner. Good place for celeb watching - we saw Ralph Fiennes in there once, and Joan Collins! No idea if it's still good.

                I vote Franco Manca - it's ruined me for any other pizzas.

              2. These are all new to me save Franco Manca, heard lots, never been, (shameful admission as Mrs Manners works nearby) but my goodness that's going to change!

                Ibrahim, top tip. Decent pizza near Marble Arch? After the dreck on offer in Oxford St? Has to be done.

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                  I hope you enjoy it if you pay them a visit. I really like it but a couple of times they have been a bit too greasy, though usually they are on the money.

                  Another place near Oxford St which I've enjoyed in the past is Italian Graffiti, on Wardour St. It's a nice little Italian place, the pizzas are good.

                2. Franco Manca is definately a winner but i like the Globe pub at the end of cloumbia rd and the Lansdown in Primrose Hill.

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                    I agree with the Globe/Stringray on Columbia Road - their pizzas are the best I have had in London (but to be fair I havent been to Franco Manca and it's about 100 metres from my front door)

                  2. Not the best in London as I am on the Franco Manca bandwagon at the moment. Though in my neck of the woods the The Oak, Notting HIll does a mean wood fired pizza w/ high quality toppings (my fave at the moment is the white pizza w/ boar sausage) . The place is usually very busy on Friday's and Saturdays so the quality of the crust/cooking tends to take a slight hit then. They also do take away (Pizza only). Menu is on their website.

                    They also always have grilled padron peppers on the menu which I can't eat enough of (off topic I know, sorry)


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                      I liked the pizza at The Oak but wasn't wowed by it. Am reading this list with interest - keen to try Franco Manca but not sure if it is worth the trek out of town.

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                        I'll try this place out soon. Pretty close to where I live too.

                      2. Thanks for some more interesting nominations. I'm intrigued that that no one has mentioned La Porchetta. I've always found a visit to the Stroud Green branch to be money well spent.

                        1. Growing up in NY state, I have tried quite a few pizza places in London searching for the quality I'm used to. Franco Manca is very good, but I think the best I have tried so far has to be Spaccanapoli on Dean St in Soho. If you're looking for delivery only, Firezza is also pretty good. Almost all the places I have tried are Neapolitan style, haven't found a good NY style pizza yet.


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                            Several Italian friends have also recommended Spaccanapoli to me. It's high on my list to try!

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                              I had a really good pizza in Donna Margarita in Battersea / Clapham Junction.

                              Franco Manca do excellent pizzas - but try and get a table inside, I was frozen after our meal there. Oh - and the white wine is horrible. Otherwise, it's great! Lemonade is delicious.

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                                I am heading to London soon. I just went to the Spaccanapoli site-are they closed because of the crossrail project?

                                1. re: Smiles2008

                                  Yes, they have closed down. You can go to their sister restaurant, Santore, which is in Exmouth Market. Most of the Spaccanapoli staff have migrated over there - still some of the best pizza around.

                              2. re: b29

                                Second Spaccanapoli! Full of italians, lovely super-thin-crust pizzas, the tuna one is great.

                              3. Hells Pizza Fulham has great pizzas with interesting toppings, my fave being satay chicken. And you can even get gluten free...not authentic italian pizza (they are from nz) but super tasty!

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                                  I'm sorry, but there are some things which have no business being on a pizza - peking duck is one of them, and chicken satay is another ....! :o)

                                2. Franco Manca is pretty good, but it's always been a bit oily and sometimes the crust was a bit too burned for me.

                                  Try Fratelli la Bufala in South End Green, Hampstead. Excellent pizza (and the rest of their menu is amazing too), perfectly done in their woodfire oven. The service isn't great, but I still go back again and again for the food.

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                                    Too oily? Really? I tend to pour about 1/3 of a bottle of garlic olive oil on any pie I order there...

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                                      Thanks for that I live near Fratelli and hadn't tried it, will give it a whirl!

                                    2. i'd suggest Story Deli Pizza. every single ingredient is organic, not that i am big into organic just informing what makes them different. look out for Lee the owner, a really decent guy who is almost always there with his sleeves rolled up making great pizza with novel toppings.

                                      You'll find it here;

                                      91 Brick Lane
                                      London E1 6QL


                                      1. Try Santore in Exmouth Market

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                                          Pizza Rustica in Richmond is good too, but obviously a bit of a hike depending where you are.

                                        2. Had the "Rustica" at Pizza Rustica (aubergine, courgettes, mushrooms) in Richmond yesterday, and my partner had the "Zingara" (olives, pepperoni, spinach). Nice, thin, crispy crust and flavoursome sauce, but too cheesy for me. The vegetables on my pizza were soft without being mushy, but they should have been seasoned more. My partner liked his except for the canned olives, and I felt the pepperoni should have been cooked more. Still, compared to most pizza we've had in London, it was pretty good.

                                          1. La Carricatura in North Audley Street, they changed hands I believe a year ago adn the pizzaiolo changed but still very good, hand built wood burning oven like being in Italy and good ingredients, apart form that not easy in London.

                                            1. Had to write because I've just discovered amazing (amazing!) new york style pies in an unexpected place: Bloomsbury Bowl/Kingpin Suite in Bloomsbury. Not All StarLanes, the other bowling place on Tavistock Square. Huge, thin, nicely charred, a few bubbles at the crust, real tomato-y sauce, thin well-dispersed slightly salty mozzerella, and fresh basil. All melded together perfectly. At a party, wasn't expecting much, but closed my eyes with pleasure at the each bite...

                                              1. has anyone been to santa maria pizza in ealing? it seems to be getting rave reviews.


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                                                  Yeah. Santa Maria is very good - almost the best in London, although I still prefer Franco Manca for it's slightly sourdough base, and because SM don't serve any anchovy pizzas. SM is very small so be prepared to wait. They also seem to be very chummy with a subset of lingering customers to the annoyance of many waiting outside. Their carafes of wine are excellent and cheap and they sell great gelato, so I think that could be why certain regular customers linger for so long even when poor people are queued in the road.

                                                  It's an all-round great pizza meal if you can stand the wait. But Franco Manca is better when it comes to the pure pizza.

                                                2. PAPPAGONE! the best pizza in town:131 Stroud Green Rd
                                                  Finsbury Park, UK N4 3PX, Regno Unito
                                                  020 7263 2114
                                                  full of Italians, better if you book a table