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Feb 11, 2009 01:58 PM

Rumour Re: Winterlicious

Word on the street, Winterlicious has been extended for 2 more weeks? Has anyone heard anything about this? Info would be appreciated!!

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  1. Haven't heard anything about it but I doubt it. There are probably select restaurants that choose to continue serving an affordable prix fixe menu but nothing officially Winterlicious.

    I really hope it's not extended. I'd like to go out and eat again.

    1. The restaurant I was in tonight (Cafe Califorina,review posted on its own thread) told us they were extending the winterlicious menu along with their regular on for the rest of February.

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      1. re: smr714

        We were told the same thing at Bymark last night.

          1. re: smr714

            It was a great meal, although we blew the "bargain" element of 'Licious by adding on the lobster poutine - which was so worth it! Everything was executed perfectly. Faves were the risotto appetizer, the salmon main and the goat cheese panna cotta.

        This year, due to the positive response from many of you and in light of the current state of the economy, the City of Toronto is officially extending the prix-fixe promotion from February 16 to 28, 2009

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        1. re: capo

          Thank you, capo, for solving the mystery! Haha, there are going to be some piiiiiissed off people in the industry in regards to that news.

          1. re: HelloBeautiful

            It is Voluntary for the restaurants whether they participate or not...

            "Participation in the extension of WL09 is entirely voluntary. If you decide to opt-in, your restaurant listing and prix-fixe menu will remain on the WL website. If you decide not to extend, we will remove your listing.

            We will promote the extension on our website and through media releases and media partnerships.

            Your response is required by end of Thursday, February 12 identifying your choice to participate or not participate."

            1. re: OnDaGo

              And then there is the note in the Star this AM re: "Meals with Meaning". Corey Mintz reports that a coalition of 27 restos including Winterlicious holdouts Perigee, Grano and Amuse-Bouche, are staging a FIVE WEEK event, in aid of Stop for Food campaign. It runs from Feb 23 through March 28, offering a prix fixe for $50. Ten bucks of that will go to Stop Community Food Centre which I've supported for many years. So the actual price of the meal is $40. No word if lunches are involved...Only dinners were mentioned...

              1. re: OnDaGo

                I guess it's not too big a surprise given how much restaurants are hurting.

                1. re: OnDaGo

                  Where is the info on this extension coming from? There is no information about it on the official website - - although given how lousy the City of Toronto website is in general, I suppose that doesn't mean much.

                  1. re: gregclow

                    Info is from Emails sent to restaurants who are participating..

                    1. re: OnDaGo

                      And I am guessing they don't want to announce on their site it until all the restos have responded, and the deadline is tonight. (What if no restos want to extend it? :-)

            2. Yes it is true.
              I have also confirmed that the 2 hot Oliver Bonacini restaurants CANOE and AUBERGE DU POMMIER will be a part of it. They are both taking reso's for it already!

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              1. re: louiguini

                More on the list....

                Alice's Restaurant, Amuse-Bouche, Batifole, Blu, C5 (at the ROM), Citizen, Cowbell, Crush, Czehoski, Fat Cat Bar & Bistro, Fat Cat Wine Bar, Frank (at the AGO), H2O, Gamelle, The Gladstone, Grano, The Harbord Room, Kaiseki-Sakura, Marben, Niagara Street Café, Perigee, Rosebud, Torito, Trevor Kitchen, Universal Grill, Vertical, and Victor (in the Hôtel Le Germain).

                Of those on the list, which is worth the $ without looking at the menu. I've been to C5 and Batifole and I would not put them at the same class in terms of price. So in terms of value, who tops that list?

                1. re: ragged25

                  Are the menus up? Anyone have a link?

                  1. re: HelloBeautiful

                    As far as I know... it is the same menus that they have been running for the last 2 weeks.

                  2. re: ragged25

                    The restaurants that ragged25 listed above are not part of winterlicious. It is, as Corey Mintz wrote about in the Star, a fundraiser of sorts for the Stop Community Food Centre. More info at

                2. I would like to see a server's reaction when a deuce orders the winterlicious menu for V-day, hehe.

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                  1. re: aser

                    VDay is exempt.. the "new" extension is from Feb. 16-28.