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Feb 11, 2009 01:53 PM

just got laid off, now where am I going to eat?

I'm still too lazy to cook so I'll be looking for inexpensive dinner spots, any neighborhood in the city. Primarily american, italian or french. Entrees less than $15.

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    1. pakistani tea house, on church st. about $7 combination., 17 mott st wo hop lo mein,,
      go to chinatown and get some 5 for $1 dumplings, Sorry you got laid off,,,

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      1. re: foodwhisperer

        Hey, go to Fried Dumpling on Allen Street and at 5 for $1 you can go uptown and scalp them for twice as much and pocket the difference. In a bad economy, you need to be inventive.

        1. Sorry to hear about you being laid off.

          Many of Via Emilia's pastas cost <$15. But do "splurge" at some point and get the first-rate lasagne @$16.

          La Petite Auberge offers a dinner prix-fixe for $28.50. It's 4 courses because a small green salad is always included with all main courses.

          At Blue Smoke, the excellent burger with fries is $11.95.

          Nearly all main courses at Lantern Thai are <$15.

          Posto. which serves thin crust pizza, charges $6.50 for a 6" personal pie. (Charges for extra toppings varies.


          1. Also 3 of the best tacos in NYC and a mango Boingo are $9.50 at Tehuitzingo.