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Feb 11, 2009 01:47 PM

NOTL very recently?

Hi there.

I have appreciated much advice from the conversations here in the past, so thank you. I am heading to NOTL in a couple of weeks and am trying to decide between the Hillebrand or Peller restaurants. I have read threads here (and other places) but am getting very mixed reviews from each. Has anyone been to either place recently (since the summertime, perhaps) and has an opinion they care to share?

Much appreciated!

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  1. greetings, if you want good food and atmosphere in notl then try the riverbend
    inn , right off the parkway heading into niagara on the lake. hellebrand and peller are okay but this inn has great ambience and a great fireplace and piano
    bar, the food is delicious as is the views of the vineyards of peller estate.In the summertime you can sit on their patio and look at the vineyards of will not be dissapointed believe me, as my wife and friends go there frequently
    let me know if you go and how it was

    1. We were in Niagara on the Sunday of the "Family Day" weekend and visited both Hillebrand and Peller.

      We hit up Hillebrand in the afternoon for a short tour and wine tasting/local food pairing. It was inexpensive ($15.00) and included the sampling of 3 wines and an appetizer portion sized tasting from the Hillebrand restaurant. Both the wines and the food were very nice.

      We did Peller for dinner and settled on the shortened version of the tasting menu (6 courses). It was $80.00 and very good - selections included a lobster linguine with alberta parmesan, a cinnamon and sage rubbed duck breast, pear and reisling soup, very niced seared scallop (sorry, can't rember the other elements of this dish). The server told us that they were about to have a March break promo where a similar menu would be reduced to $50.00, which would be a bargain.

      The wine pairing was actually very reasonable - $35.00 regardless of the number of dishes ordered. We thought this was very fair for 6 samples.

      While the room at Peller is certainly formal, the service wasn't stuffy. If you are looking for a little more modern space, Hillebrand looked like it fit the bill.