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Feb 11, 2009 01:43 PM

Cheap eats for a picky eater

I'm looking for a great place to take my boyfriend before a Jammin' Java concert for valentine's day... WITHIN A BUDGET! He's not a chili person, but he definitely would go for a burger, thai or sushi! thoughts?

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  1. How about Tara Thai? It's a couple of doors down. Dinner entrees run in the $8-$15 range with a lot of choices at the lower end of the scale. Also, Anita's New Mexican restaurant is close by.

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      Rose Restaurant for Persian/Kabob, or Panshjsir II for Afghan style Both very close by. I thought that I saw something on Chowhound about a good sushi place in the same strip as Rose Restaurant, but my memory isn't what it used to be.

    2. There's a few thai options, that I barely know. Nata would be another to Tara, as well as Paya up the road at the edge of Tyson's. Nata is walking distance, I believe, to JJ.

      For a burger you could hit Foster's.

      1. Amphora is an old school Greek diner with a broad menu and within your price range. Burgers are good, but the Greek food is decent as well.

        1. If it's still there (haven't been in about a year) there's a pretty decent Japanese/Fusion (sushi or noodles on black plates) place practically around the corner. The same shopping center has BBQ Country (eh, shrug) and until recently That's Amore. And around the corner from there, on Maple Ave, is Aditi Bistro, an order-at-the-counter Indian restaurant that's very informal and cheap.

          Practically around another corner, in the shopping center with Magruder's is Foster's Grill with pretty good burgers and shakes.

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          1. Sweet Ginger is very good. and close to Jammin Java