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Feb 11, 2009 01:36 PM

Musician In Stone Mountain for a month needs lunch help

So I am in town playing the circus for a month and need help with some good lunch options in the area (I know there aren't many) When I was here a few years back, I learned of Matthews Cafeteria which I like. It's also not too far to get to Decatur for places like Taqueria Del Sol. On our first day here today, we tried to go to a Jerk Chicken place I rememberd called Captain Mike's but it looks long closed. we ended up at Subway instead and I vowed to my friend that we can do better. Are there other West Indian or Caribbean places people like? Any other places in short driving distance? I remember reading about some mexican places in Tucker but can't seem to find the post.

as far as other atlanta places I've tried and new ones, any thoughts on this list?

places I've been and liked:

Watershed fried chicken night
flying biscuit cafe
Brickstore Pub
Buford Highway vietnamse places and Korean tofu house (Tofu 88?)
Madras Saravanna
I also remember going to a really good persian restaurant off of Lawrenceville Hghway buy can't remember the name...

places I've read about:
Fox Bros bbq
Sam and Dave's BBQ
Village corner german rest in stone mountain (haven't been)
Flip burger by that Richard Blais guy from Top Chef last year
Silver Skillet
Chef Liu on Buford Highway
So Kong Dong on Buford
Sam and Dave's BBQ

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  1. Hey tummyache. I have no idea who you are, but I am also at the circus at Stone Mountain. What a surprise to find you here!
    We've been doing some exploring of our own, and have found some great places to eat. If you're into Vietnamese, Mint's Grill on Lawrenceville Highway is quite tasty. And, tonight, we discovered Big Daddy's Rib Shack (in Tucker). Don't be alarmed by the... location... the food and service were both delightful! Lastly, my colleagues had a great meal at this Somalian restaurant (unfortunately, I missed out on this one)-- Daallo on Memorial Drive. All of these options are within a 15 min drive from Stone Mountain. Hope you enjoy... let me know if you discover any new places for us to try!

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      One quick addendum to my last post. I found a list of places in Tucker that have gotten rave reviews on the boards. We'll definitely be hitting these up in the next week:

      Taqueria los Hermanos
      Old Hickory House
      & Blue Ribbon Grill (known for their meatloaf & chicken pot pie in addition to their killer martinis)

      1. re: sookims

        that's hilarious. I'm Danny, the piano player in the band. I'm guessing you might be one of the PBS folks? come say hello when you get the chance. Thanks for those tips. I've been to the first three places on your Tucker list. last time I was here with the circus, I went to Matthews on recs from this board and it has since become the go-to band spot. We've been twice to Taqueria Los Hermanos and it's solid. good tacos (especially al pastor) and shrimp/corn soup. I grabbed a chopped pork sandwich from Old Hickory House after going to the FedEx next door and it was pretty tasty. as far as places I can recommend:
        we've been going to the Brickstore Pub on almost a daily basis. It's an amazing bar in Decatur with a huge beer list, a great scotch selection, solid food, and most importantly hot soft pretzels. Buford Highway is a good spot: we went to the 24 hour Korean Tofu spot called 88 Tofu (for Soon doo boo) and there are some other spots there I want to try. Off of Lawrenceville, Madras Saravanna Bhavan is great south indian (vegetarian. you should go to Watershed in Decatur for their famous Tuesday night Fried chicken. it's insanely good (as is the chocolate cake) Today after driving my bandmate to the airport for an early flight, I had a great breakfast at the Silver Skillet on 14th st. NW in Midtown. I had the Country Ham with eggs, biscuits, grits, and redeye gravy and a super nice waitress who called me "baby' and "hon" every sentence. would highly recommend this spot. it sure sucks not having a kitchen for a month but the food in ATl is pretty great...

        1. re: tummyache

          Nice... thanks for the tip on Brickstore. I definitely want to check that out. We've been frequenting Bev's Place (Monday night karaoke anyone?). Also, just had korean BBQ on Buford Hwy last night -- Hae Won Dae. Pretty good :) I did check out Blue Ribbon Grill, and while I went against the recommendation to order meatloaf or chicken pot pie, I didn't think the place was that thrilling. If you decide to try it anyway, let me know what you think. The German place is good (Sarah says its pretty authentic), and its good for groups. Very low key, mellow... though I did spot a piano behind the bar, on my last visit!

      2. Theres a place called Shorty's that I've read is good and it's on Lawrenville Hwy on the left as you head toward I-285 from Tucker:

        If you want something takeout try this delicious rotisserie chicken:
        There's only a table or two outside so if the weather's not good it's takeout only. That's what I do a half chicken in a box. I haven't tried the sides. The parking is a few spaces in back or on the street just up the street from the old train depot next to the railroad. Bet it'll taste real good after a few beers at Brickstore.