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Feb 11, 2009 01:19 PM

Best Bakery needed near Grand Central for now HELP

Need some suggestions for tomorrow, thanks Want special, very good fresh superior ingridents used. Love dark chocolate, also a great inexpensive late lunch spot, picky husband must have chicken and must be very impeccably clean both in the kitchen and in the dining area plus food to be the best ingridents. Thanaks very much any secrets on any foodie places too where I can find things that are ethnic to bring home.

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  1. Hi - are you looking for a cake or something to bring home, in terms of the chocolate? The food market at Grand Central has some nice markets, including a German one, with an excellent selection of wurst and cold cuts, and there is also a Murray's Cheese there. I'm not sure what bakery is there, other than Zara's. I'll try to think of a place for lunch - what is your price range?

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      To bring home, defintely not Zaro;s want something new , excellent pastries, small cakes, little decadent yummies, good croissants. What about the cheese place in the Grand Central? Also want to find a few pieces of really great dark chocolate candies to come home with me. any other suggestions> What about BREAKFAST?

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        I like the Little Pie Company in the Grand Central food court. Their mississippi mud pie is good, but may be too messy for your taste?

        As for secret foodie places: Kee's chocolates recently opened a tiny little outpost in the HSBC bank (452 5th Ave at 40th st). She's one of the best chocolatiers in NYC - try the creme brulee and the black sesame truffles. Go early before the selection becomes limited (or call ahead to order).

        For ethnic stuff: Tafu, located inside the Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel, has cute Japanese desserts (daifuku/mochi, green tea truffles, cookies, cheesecake). They are pricey for the size, but some of the treats are made by Kyotofu so they are very good. Bit of a walk from Grand Central though - 569 Lexington & 51st.

        have fun!

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          Oh yes - Kee's - that's the perfect choice for chocolates. The cheese place is Murray's.

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              Thank you, I had a stomach ache today so I just got a few goodies to go and called a day but the next time I go thanks for the tips.