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Feb 11, 2009 01:17 PM

What to do with lemons?

My neighbor just gave us a shopping back full of Meyer lemons from their tree. Any suggestions? Usually I make Ina Garten's Parmesan Chicken.

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        The juice is also really nice in water as a refreshing drink.

    1. One of my favorite things to do with Meyer lemons is to candy the zest, and then make a martini using the leftover simple syrup. Yum! Other ideas are preserved lemons, roasted chicken with lemon and sage, sorbet or ice cream, there are lots of possibilities! I have recipes for most of the above on my site. Another great roundup of recipes is located at


      1. With excess lemons you can preserve them in salt to use for tons of Moroccan dishes. They are amazing, keep for ages, easy to make and yummy. I also enjoy making lemon rosemary salt with the zest.

        1. Cut the lemons up and squeeze them in your hands into a bowl then dump the lemons in right over the juice. Chop up some garlic, mint and rosemary (stems optional) and throw that right in the bowl as well. Add some salt and freshly ground pepper and some olive oil and mix with your hands squeezing the lemon chunks into the mix so it emulsifies a bit with the olive oil. Now add your chicken to the marinade. Let sit overnight and grill the next day.

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          1. Lemons also freeze well for future use. I have found this site to be very useful for this kind of query-- just type the food name into the search box and it'll tell you how long it will stay good and how you should store it :


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                very cool! just bookmarked it, thanks.