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Feb 11, 2009 01:00 PM

Good sandwich restaurant for catering in Whitby

Hi, I'm looking for a restaurant that has good sandwiches to cater to my clients in the Whitby area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Pita Deli has some good wraps. I haven't seen their catering menu but they have done food for my sister's school on a couple of occasions I believe. They have a location at Thickson and Consumers beside Don Cherry's and another at Ritson and Taunton in the 5 Points Mall.

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      Pita deli is an outstanding place for Pita's - by far the best in the region. Excellent suggestion. You have just given me a place to eat tomorrow, thanks Dr. Butcher!!!

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      1. Sinatra's is what you are lookiong for...italian sandwiches die for. They are located on Simcoe street north in oshawa. Try their Rat Pack, fried veal, eggplant, sauce cheese , hot peppers onions on a large..crusty roll. one is more than enough even if you are a large eater. They are tasty!Better than any i've ever eaten.

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