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Feb 11, 2009 12:46 PM

The Art of Eating, Fine Cooking or Saveur

I want to get a friend a subscription to a food magazine. He loves travel, dinning out and cooking. He is particularly fond of Molecular Gastronomy.

I am debating between The Art of Eating, Saveur or Fine Cooking. Any recommendations on which of these three would be the best, or are there others I should consider?

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  1. Fine Cooking is alright- fewand far between are the article recipes that shakes it up for me...Had a sub for a year, discontinued when they had 4 recipes for mac and cheese in that time...

    Saveur- I have had a subscription for years and I reference them often. Covers travel, recipes, restaurants and ingreds.

    The Art of Eating is a quarterly and full of essays, so that is kind of a deal breaker for me...essays not articles..

    None are really all about mol gast- how about a book? Maybe someone else knows of a good periodical?

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      Agree with Bunnyfood. Fine Cooking is pretty basic. Saveur is interesting. I would recommend a few books - "El Bulli" by Ferran Adria, of course, and "Alinea" by Grant Achatz. I love those books - molecular gastronomy intrigues me a great deal and I have been experimenting myself. Heston Blumenthal's books are good but pricey.

    2. An American chef, somewhat high-profile recommended The Art of Eating to me. So I subscribed this past year. Although the articles are thoroughly researched, they are kind of boring to read, and I really have to be in a food reading kinda mood because they are so long. In my first issue, the editor also explained that they were temporarily stopping their restaurant reviews because I think he said they weren't sure if their readers really read them for restaurant reviews, and also somewhat because of cost.

      That being said, I would highly recommend Saveur. I've had my subscription for years now and very often look back on old issues for reference or refreshers. It's slick, beautifully photographed, and informative. That would be an excellent choice.

      1. Another vote for Saveur. I've subscribed for more than a decade, and while I find some issues better than others, there's always something worth reading about, always with great photography.

        1. Supplement with Simple Cooking, the irregularly published humble newsletter by the husband-wife team of John & Matt Thorne (mostly John), the best food writing in the US. What the Thornes write about often feeds into much food writing down the line in more mainstream publications.

          1. We have subscribed to Saveur off and on for many years. It's a funny thing -- although we really enjoy reading it and find the articles interesting and informative, the subscription always seems to lapse (maybe they don't send enough subscription reminders?), and we never seem to miss it when it does. Then, some kid will come around selling subscriptions for a school trip, and I always go, "Oh yeah -- Saveur," and we subscribe again. I don't find Fine Cooking that interesting and have looked at but never suscribed to The Art of Eating. Of the three, I would go with Saveur for sure.