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Feb 11, 2009 12:42 PM

Prix Fix in Providence

A recent issue of Providence Monthly listed lots of Prix Fix options in and around Providence. Chez Pascal, Bravo, Rue d'Espoir, New Rivers, Dewolfe Tavern... to name a few.

Any recommendations based on Prix Fix menu alone?

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  1. The only one I would stay away from is Rue d'Espoir (or the Rue as it is affectionately called). The Prix Fixe menu was their hamburger menu. I was there two weeks ago and three of the 6 people at the table ordered from it...IIRC Soup or Salad, Burger and a bottle of Beer for $11.95. Although it was a good value none of the people at the table raved about or would even commit to coming back for the burger again. On the other hand my duck was quite good but it was off the regular menu....come to think of it so was the paté appetizer. The Rue can be so hit or miss and over the years has proven very inconsistent.

    1. My bride & I took advantage of the prix fixe at New Rivers, and the meal was outstanding! However, if you aren't careful you'll still walk out of there with a hefty tab. We ordered a couple of pork products (house made bacon and an order of pork jowls!) that weren't part of the "deal", and we each had two drinks. I think the total, including tip, was about $120. for the two of us. Worth every penny mind you.....

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        My friend and I tried Zooma (Federal Hill) two weeks ago. They offer "Dinner for Two plus a bottle of wine for $39"...

        The choices were limited (choice between one soup or one salad, choice of two pastas, choice of two entrees, choice of two wines, no choice for dessert - just one). This actually made it easier to decide.

        The offerings were more of a 'sample' size than an actual size off the menu ( I hope they give bigger portions if you are paying listed menu prices). For this special, the portion sizes actually work - you leave satisfied, but not over-stuffed as if you ate too much.

        Service was cordial, informative, and very attentive from a handsome young waiter. With tip, it came to just $25 each for delicious dinners and a wonderful dining experience. We'll be returning this week.

        What was surprising was the fact that the dining room was empty. Our waiter mentioned that business had been slow since the fall, and this prix fixe offering didn't attarct as many as they hoped for this winter. It's too bad - too many people are missing out on a great deal at a wonderful restaurant.

      2. Sophia's on Warwick Ave, behing Greene airport, is a BYOB that has a prix fixe Wed/Thu of $35 for 2. Unlike some of the others mentioned, portions are generous - we had leftovers. Choice of app (we had delicious mussels steamed in wine & garlic and a fried pork medallion/cheese/roasted pepper Dr. Suess-ish dish), soup or salad, entree (of some dozen or so meat, fish and pasta, we chose a Tuscan grilled pork tenderloin and a gorgonzola-crusted strip steak. Both meats were perfectly cooked to order) with a veggie, potato, or pasta side. We'll definately return.