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Feb 11, 2009 12:28 PM

Murray Hill dinner, $20 pp?

I'm looking for a place for tonight that my friend and I can go to and try to keep it under $20 pp not inc. drinks. Only really tasty recommendations please; if nothing fits my criteria, I'd rather just spend more.


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  1. La Giara on 3rd Ave b/w 33rd and 34th is pretty decent Italian, good pastas.

    1. Saravaanas, or maybe Curry Leaf or other Indian Restaurants in that area (Sort of a little South of Murray Hill 26-28 and Lexington). How important is decor to you?

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        Decor not very important -- I don't want a pizza joint or a Chinese place that is gross and most only order take-out from there, but it doesn't have to be posh at all. Also, trying to pick a place where we can eat reasonably healthy (sorry to the previous poster on the pasta place, I should have mentioned earlier).

      2. i'd suggest Josie's on Third Ave at 37th. it's one of my favorite health-conscious restaurants in the city. your total food bill will be higher than $20 pp if you order apps AND entrees, but most of the dinner entrees are under $20.

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          I have to say, I ordered once from the Josie's uptown and was supremely disappointed -- it was a lot of $$ to pay for what was an extremely bland grilled shrimp with brown rice and veg dish. I appreciate the post, though, don't mean to be rude. Also, to be clear, I am not looking for "health food" I'm just not trying to go for greasy BBQ or a place with only good pastas.

          Thanks again everyone!

        2. Wild Edibles would be good--my gf and I have really enjoyed whenever we go. Our go-to dishes there are the lobster roll and fish and chips. (3rd ave btwn 35th and 36th)

          1. Try Sinigual on 42nd and 3rd avenue. Mexican food thats very tasty and it's a nice atmosphere. Some of the specials seem kind of expensive, but there were alot of entrees for under $20 a person. They also make guacamole tableside. I highly recommend this place.

            Also, another mexican restaurant, Baby Bo's on 2nd Ave b/t 34th and 35th is tiny inside but definitely a gem as well, and quite reasonable.