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Feb 11, 2009 12:04 PM

The Best Albuquerque New Mexican???

Hi, I am going to Albuquerque this weekend. I never been there. What are the best New Mexican restaurants in Albuquerque? I define best as best food. I don't care about how fancy the place is. I tend to like things that are made from scratch with the best fresh ingredients.


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  1. Mary & Tito's 2711 4th Street NW(Best for anything with red chile. Very good carne adovada. I'm a red chile fan, and my wife prefers green. Chile relleno with green at M&T's is one of her favorites in Albuquerque.)

    Perea's Tijuana Bar & Restaurant 4590 Corrales Rd in Corrales(north Albuquerque)(Rustic, homey food. Close second to Mary & Tito's)

    Padilla's 1510 Giraud Blvd NE(Does a pretty good job with everything NM.)

    Perea's 9901 Central NE[Not connected with the other Perea's as far as I know. Not quite as good overall as the other three listed, but still very good and has the best refried beans of anywhere(not just talking about Albuquerque) I've had.]

    Better call for what hours they're open, and I'm not sure if any of those are open on Sunday.

    Sadie's, Los Cuates, or Casa de Benavidez are decent choices for Sunday.

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      Thanks I will try to make it to Mary & Titos for sure. Who has the best Huevos Rancheros for Breakfast? Is Durans pharmacy any good?

      Also is the Monte Carlo Steak house any good for its greek fare?

    2. In my opinion, the best New Mexican in the Duke City is Blake's Lotaburger. What's the best restaurant in your home town?