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Feb 11, 2009 11:55 AM

Best LCBO scotch under $60

I know nothing about scotch but I'd like to get my Dad a nice bottle for his 65th birthday. Would appreciate any advice from the afficionados.


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  1. I'd go for Johnny Walker Black Label. You can get the 750ml size for less than $50 and it's by far my favourite. A lot of people are hung up on single malts but this blend is better than a lot of them, in my opinion.

    1. See this recent thread:

      Pay particular attention to CamD's recs-he's the local scotch hound.


      1. Ok, given the price range requested above, I would probably go with the THE BALVENIE 12 YR. DOUBLEWOOD* - Price: $ 59.95 (with 5 cents to spare), or if you wanted to go a little less expensive maybe the ABERLOUR HIGHLAND MALT 10 YR* - Price: $ 41.45.

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          I'd second the Balvenie 12 Yr. Doublewood, and throw in Highland Park 12 Yr. @ $54.95.

        2. We were looking for a $60 scotch gift as well recently and went with the Highland Park 12 ($54.95) which was really well received. Also back the Balvenie 12 and Macallan 10 options, both at $60. For an interesting new Gaelic blend, check out Té Bheag, only $37.95.

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          1. re: Chester Eleganté

            Highland Park is an excellent suggestion - one of my favourites and consistently highly rated. Nice, peaty, really, really nice.

            1. re: Chester Eleganté

              I agree with Chester Elegante and 11oclockish . . . I find that the 12 yr old Highland Park gives you a great bang for your buck . . . It is are go-to single malt


              1. re: Chester Eleganté

                Té Bheag is a surprising choice. I found it during the holiday season. My spouse took it to a get together with scotch drinks. They said is was great and the price point makes it better

                1. re: bustercat628

                  I fully admit to being a malt snob. For me it's ok, but it's still a blend.

                  1. re: Cam D

                    I wish I could afford to be a malt snob exclusively! In these uncertain times (a favourite phrase at my office) a good, well priced blend is truly appreciated.

                    When it first came out, Te Bheag was quite good. Around the time of the label change I had some and it was almost undrinkable. I guess maintaining quality and taste profile is a common challenge with blends. I should probably give them another taste, as it's been a while.

                    Two blends I've tried recently that I quite like - 'Pig's Nose' and 'Whyte and Mckay The Thirteen'

                    Both have a fair amount of single malts to add some complexity. The Thirteen in particular has some nice sherry notes. For me also, I'm a fan of bourbon and some Canadian whiskies, so the crisp, spicy notes the grain brings to the blend are welcome.

                    1. re: Pantz

                      yes....affording to drink malts is an issue. For those that know me, I'm a huge advocate of independent bottlers. They are significantly cheaper than the distillery bottling. You do have do deal with odd ages occaisionally. Ardbeg is the only one I buy from the distiller. However the LCBO seems to forget the discount when doing their pricing. I am fortunately in the position where I can get them from Scotland. I can't afford to drink from the LCBO. Examples
                      1972 Mortlach bottled in 04- about $200 Mortlach 30 at LCBO on sale for $1250
                      Speymalt (which is Macallan and is sherry casks) 31 $160, Macallan 30 year old in US oak is $900!
                      HIghland Park 30 $140. The 25 is over $250 at the LCBO!
                      It's ridiculous. Small selection and big prices.

                      1. re: Cam D

                        Even for basic staples like macallan 12, it's ridiculous. $84.95 at lcbo, and my friend in nyc got me a bottle for $40ish last year.

                        Other than shopping in other countries, not much we can do about it.

              2. for $3.95 more, you can get the laphroaig quarter cask, assuming your pops likes it peaty.

                Can't go wrong w/ the Balvenie suggestion either, they have a 10 yr that is even cheaper at $51.95.

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                1. re: aser

                  Bought the 15 year French Oak Glenlivet recently, and everyone I have served it to has been blown away-including me. I think I paid $69.00. Check out the attached review.


                  1. re: robb

                    Thanks for the vote of confidence SWS!
                    I'm in a heavy sherry mode right now. Glendronach 12 or Abelour 10.
                    If he likes the smoky side, Smokehead is huge and delicious but a more balanced Bowmore 10 (or 12 I can't remember) is available.
                    2 distilleries that rarely do anything wrong (as I think others have already mentioned) are Highland park and Balvenie.
                    It's malt whisky, it will be delicious!

                    1. re: Cam D

                      Wow. Thanks for all the fab suggestions, folks. I'll let you know what I end up with and how dad likes it...