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Feb 11, 2009 11:49 AM

Chinese Takeout - Scottsdale?

Having recently relocated to the Scottsdale area, its high time I find a go to Chinese restaurant for take out. I moved here from Philadelphia where you found the best Chinese in a rickety old building basically falling down around you with the absolutely no frills atmosphere. Thats not to say I want to order from the pits, just in need of a good, cheap & easy kinda place. Any suggestions? Near Camelback & Scottsdale?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. good luck, there are none. I would prob just go to PF changs at the waterfront (scottsdale and camelback rd)

    If you are willing to drive check out Jade Palace, closet NY style chinese I have ate out here. (not super cheap)

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    1. re: drewb123

      NO! First, no jobs (I've been unemployed ..and NOT loving it since my move) and now, no decent chinese take out!? Say it ain't so! I've done the whole PF Changs (as well as Pei Wei) thing and super appreciate the suggestions. Just don't go telling me there's no good mexican, italian, etc etc! :)

    2. I go to Tottie's Asian Fusion for Asian food in your vicinity (formerly named Shanghai Palace). The SE Asian dishes are the better options, IMO. It might be a good idea to have a sit-down meal, there, first. Maybe you can talk to the boss about what you're looking for. Her picture is on the website.

      Shanghai Palace
      7901 E Thomas Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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      1. re: johnseberg

        Thanks Johnseberg. I'll def have to check out that place. But for this case, I'm looking for something a little more gritty - you know - where your whole meal cost $6 bucks and last days.

        1. re: TheyCallMeGirl

          You're going to have to travel several miles... the cheapinese dives around here are few and far between. You'll have some luck if you poke around ASU.

          I can definitely vouch for Autumn Court on 38th Street and Indian School. They're my number one in town for Americanized Chinese food. Orange beef, sesame chicken, walnut shrimp, the moo shu that kmarg mentioned... lots of hits, very few misses.

      2. There are a few places down Indian School between 40th and 32nd st if thats not too far. I like Autumn Court at 38th St and I.S. good lemon chicken and muu shu

        1. I think part of the problem here is an attempt at an apples-and-oranges comparison. IMO, there's no such thing as the "Scottsdale area" since Scottsdale is a suburb within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Therefore, comparing to Scottsdale to Philadelphia is no more valid than comparing King of Prussia to Phoenix. In other words, either comparison fails because it attempts to match a core city against an upscale, clean-cut suburb. The former is the type of environment in which to find the type of Chinese restaurant you seek, and, for the most part, the latter is where one is likely to find PF Chang's.

          With all that in mind, I think you have to head either west into Central Phoenix or southeast into the Dobson Corridor of Mesa and Chandler to have some good options.

          The absolute best for what you seek is, IMO, Asian Cafe Express in Mesa. A little less cheap but still good is Super Dragon in North Central Phoenix. Finally, I recently tried China Chan near MetroCenter in northwest Phoenx and was very impressed with how much good dim sum I got for $20 (for three people). I haven't tried China Chan's regular menu, though.

          Super Dragon Restaurant
          1212 E Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020

          Asian Cafe Express
          1911 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

          China Chan
          10227 N Metro Pkwy E, Phoenix, AZ 85051

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          1. re: silverbear

            You are so right about ACE, sliverbear. We went for the first time last weekend. A bowl of wonton soup large enough for 4 to share (we were only 2), wonderfully smoky dry fry beef chow fun, and sparerib bittermelon (what great contrast between the black bean and the bittermelon!), white rice and a pot of tea came to $18. (And thanks to heleny's menu suggestions from another post).

          2. Anyone have any thoughts on Chop & Wok on Scottsdale and Shea? I've never been, but it's been at that location for as long as I can remember and from the outside it looks like it might be as close to a "no-frills" shack you might find in much of the area. The few opinions I've heard of the place have generally been positive. However, this might be moot, as it'd be a ~15min. drive from you which may not be an option if looking for some quick chinese takeout.

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            1. re: crsin

              I just went there last night... The egg roll and war shu chicken were absolutely killer, the fried rice was pretty greasy.

                1. re: drewb123

                  Isn't that the place that always sends out coupons through the mail for free crab puffs with your order??? That's never a good sign.

                  1. re: coastalgypsy

                    I think that's Chen & Wok. Well, at least in the mailers I get.

                  2. re: drewb123

                    What was so offensive about it?

                    1. re: crsin

                      If this is the place that is Chop Wok next to the gas station on the NW corner of Shea and Scottsdale, then its pretty horrible. They are "known" for their crab puffs (big deal.)

                      1. re: crsin

                        evertyhing, not even sure they can call themselves chinese.

                        1. re: drewb123

                          Do you suspect them of being Crypto-Laotians?