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Feb 11, 2009 11:49 AM

Heading to Buffalo this weekend

I want some good local Buffalo food. Suggestions?

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  1. If you can get to East Aurora (about 15 minutes east of Ralph Wilson Stadium) go to Barbills for wings and Beef on Weck. Local Hounds consider them the best.

    1. For Brkfst. go to Original Pancake House, Main St. Williamsville

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      1. re: chaz

        Both great suggestions! Love Barbills, imho the best wing joint around. Original Pancake House is pricey but very good!

      2. Ted's Hot Dogs (there are locations throught the area)
        Andersons Custard (again, mutiple locations)

        Someone may have a good suggestion as to where to find it, but sponge candy is also a local treat!

        Oh, and also maybe someone can direct Gary to a good fish fry...I have been here for almost 5 years and have yet to go to one!

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          As it happens, there isa new classification in the cuisine section that happens to list "Fish Fries".

          And the Guide itself is a good source of ideas for places to go.

        2. Antoinette's for sponge candy, and incredible sundaes. Or Mike's on Clinton for sponge (though my parents think it's not what it used to be). Orange chocolate is also a local specialty.

          Original Pancake House is good, but it's a chain. For breakfast, I'd go to one of the good Greek diners, like Kosta's, Pano's or Towne.

          I second the Bill Rapaport restaurant guide for Buffalo. The design is pure 1996, but he maintains it very well. Every city should have a guide that good.

          1. Apropos of the Original Pancake House-It may be a chain.
            So what? It's a damn good restaurant. It's not a weak link.