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Feb 11, 2009 11:38 AM

Winebar-ish place for a first date

So, I've been asked to select a venue for a first date, and hoping some of you Chowhounds could offer a few suggestions. Here are the requirements:

1. I'd prefer a winebar or winebar-ish place.
2. It has to be below 14th street. (preferably West Village, East VIllage, LES, NoLita or SoHo.)
3. It has to offer some personal space. (Nothing more uncomfortable than having a neighboring table eavesdrop on awkward first-date conversation.)

Any ideas?

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  1. For 1 and 2, my mind goes directly to Terroir. Number 3, however, is questionable. The places becomes particularly busy on weekends, and the place is a little cramped. early weekday is very doable though.

    Hmm got an idea, Luca Lounge on Ave. B and 13ish may work. It's got a good first date vibe. I haven't been there in at least a year, but worth scoping out.

    1. Alta is my go-to first date place. Sit at the bar. You don't need to eat at all but if you want to eat you can grab anything from a small plate to a full meal. I find the personal space entirely sufficient as long as you don't go on a Friday or Saturday. If you want a short-ish date you can try Quarto Pino - it's just stools so you're not going to linger too too long, and you can grab food there too (home of the famed uni panini)

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        I'd go for the Bourgious Pig on 7th b/w 1st and A. And on mondays/tuesdays it's 1/2 priced bottles all night. Very friendly for a first date. Though it's a bit cramped and can get very loud, i still like it for a first date.

      2. As silencespeak says, Terrior is great but kind of small. If you can get over your third stipulation, you may find you enjoy it. Three others that come to mind right around there are Cannonau, In Vino and 'inoteca. Cannonau is more of a restaurant but it has a very cozy vibe and lots of wine. Bar Jamon suffers from the same problem as Terrior--only smaller.

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          Yeah, why not more love for 'inoteca? It's been a while, but from what I recall it's relatively spacious, if busy.

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            That was the place I was thinking of. I'm eager to try Terroir one of these evenings, though.

        2. bar carrera would seem to it all 3, they expanded a few months ago so more personal space...generally not too crowded, even on wknds

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          1. re: chundi

            2nd this choice since the expansion, ot it's neighbor bar veloce.
            Heard mixed reviews of Solex but will throw it out as another EV option.

            1. re: sjjn

              Solex has great wine and a great space, but the food is pretty mediocre. If you're just going for drinks, then its not a bad option.

          2. Jadis is a bit of a sleeper on this board but it fits your needs perfectly.