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Feb 11, 2009 11:34 AM

Lunch Powerhouses (MSP)

Forgive me if a similar thread has been posted. But I thought this would be an interesting discussion for a recession...

Which great dinner restaurants have lunch offerings that can stand up to their dinner offerings? Are any places doing great things with their lunch menu? The Daily Omelet at Mission comes to mind for me.

What are your faves?

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  1. Vincent also has a solid daily omelet, and there's always the Vincent burger, which is, essentially, a gourmet jucy lucy...short rib added to the patty, gouda in the middle, I believe. Whatever it is, it works. Really well.

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      Vincent's lunch is outstanding, and the $12.50 prix fixe is the best lunch deal in town.

      1. re: mncharm

        Yes, the Vincent burger is phenomenal. And only $8 (w/fries) during happy hour