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Feb 11, 2009 11:23 AM

Any suggestions for an an informal biz dinner in Waltham ?

A couple of peeps are vegetarian but other than that not too many restrictions.

Thanks y'all.

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  1. One suggestion is the Tuscan Grill on Main Street. I went recently with a group, and everyone was very happy with their meals. They have two good veggie options - a yummy spinach lasagne and fettucine and mushrooms topped with fried egg.

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    1. re: jpcat

      that sounds good. i have heard good things about that place. fried egg, hmmmm, sounds good.

    2. My wife is a veg-head and we do very well with tapas at Soleo...or with French Cambodian at Elephant Walk. I think Tuscan Grill is OK but a bit past it's prime

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      1. re: pondrat

        I second Soleo and Elephant Walk.

        You can also consider Ponzu.

        1. re: pondrat

          Stick with the Cambodian at Elephant Walk.
          The French is OK, but if that's what you want, you can do better elsewhere.

          French desserts are fine, though.

          1. re: phonelady

            I second Tempo. There's something for everyone on their menu. Room can get loud, though, which may not be ideal for a business dinner.

          2. I would not suggest Solea. Food is okay at best, and mostly it is over priced for the size of the portions. You end up ordering a lot of little plates that add up very quickly.
            I have not been to Tuscan Grill, but have heard the food is hit or miss, and the service is not very good.
            Tempo is a great spot. Lots of good fish options (if the vegetarians eat fish). I also agree that Elephant Walk is very good.

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            1. re: marn209

              I completely disagree on Solea. I find their tapas to be delicious and the prices to be reasonable.

              1. re: marn209

                I agree with Blumie. I've only had very good experiences there...And I just got back from San Sebastian in Spain so I have something to compare to. Tapas are by definition small plates that tend to add up when you continue working through the menu. Same effect as ordering sushi...never cheap.

                1. re: pondrat

                  I like solea a lot. Tapas is a chance to get a lot of tastes without feeling stuffed, at a reasonable price. If your idea of value is a 2lb burrito for 4.99, it is not good value. If you like to choose a variety of interesting, carefully prepared dishes, it is certainly the equivalent of a tasting menu and a good value.

                  1. re: tdaaa

                    I think that Tapas are great, and yes, a good chance to eat lots of different plates and food. For me, Solea is pricey for the quality. I have been to other great tapas restaurants in Boston for the same price, if not even more expensive, but the quality of the food is better. I just don't think Solea is worth the price considering they are not the best tapas I have had.

                    1. re: marn209

                      In the original context of an "informal business dinner in Waltham", Soleo isn't a bad choice. Best in Boston area ? in Boston area ? But surely in the same class as Tuscan Grill or Tempo if comparing with best of breed in Boston proper in their respective food categories.

                      1. re: marn209

                        Fair enough, although the location is sufficiently convenient that I will keep going... went last night in fact. Had a great meal of 3 tapas plates, a couple of glasses of wine, the cheese plate for dessert with a glass of sherry. Great service, good food, nice drinks - all in all an enjoyable evening.

                        1. re: tdaaa

                          ....and lest we forget a pitcher of their Sangria !!

                2. As a Walthonian (is that a word?) who works in Lexington, I've had quite a few biz dinners in the area. I'd go with Elephant Walk, Tempo and Solea in that order. If you want something more high end, La Campania and Il Capriccio are outstanding. If you want to go a bit more informal, Beijing Star, Taqueria Mexico, Skellig and Mad Raven all have good food. If you order carefully, Naked Fish can be decent (simple is safer).

                  Elephant Walk is usually my standby when in doubt (for anything from a first date to a business dinner). They are certainly a good choice on the vegetarian front. Their cold avocado soup is to die for.

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                  1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                    La Campania is a must....and Taqueria Mexicana is arguably one of the best bargains for the quality that I've had in the area. I always have to check my bill to be sure they totaled it correctly considering the amount of food we consumed. Plus this is Mexican with real flavor...not just slathered with cheese.

                    1. re: Tir_na_nOg

                      If price is no object, La Campania or Il Capriccio are both truly superb. Both offer excellent food & wonderful service.

                      The best bang for your buck, my choice would be Elephant Walk. In addition to good/very good Cambodian, you can actually have a conversation during dinner, ambient noise there is not too bad.

                      At so many places today, it's like eating in a bus station, too noisy !