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Feb 11, 2009 11:15 AM


Hi Everyone,

I'm 24 and from Hamilton, Ontario and heading down to Ft. Lauderdale from the 15th to the 19th of FEB. I've read a few other threads about good eats, but i'm looking for a few things in particular. They are:

Great Chicken Wings in Lauderdale
Great Pizza (i've heard Anthony's is good)
Great Grilled Grouper Sandwhich
Great Sushi
Great Pasta
Place to buy some Italian White and Red Wine and COLD BEER!!!

I'm with my girlfriend, we'll have a car and we're on kind of a tight budget, so there will be no fillet steaks and crab legs everynight... maybe one night haha.

Also, we're looking for some good nightlife, are there any good spots along North Ocean Blvd (AIA) or within driving distance?

Thanks alot!!!! If anyone wants good eats in the Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara Falls regions, let me know!!!

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  1. I should also mention that i'm lightyears beyond my age in terms of recognizing and appreciating great food. But I'm not picky at all. Thanks again for your help! Can't wait to see the ocean and the sun!!!!

    1. I would suggest Tark's in Dania for both wings and a good fish sandwich (I prefer their fried to their grilled, but that's just me). It's a small, friendly place. Pizza at Mauro's in downtown Hollywood is pretty good, and it has the benefit of being next to PRL, a Polish bar with a great beer selection.

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      1. re: Nick

        Thanks, I will try these places out! Cheers.

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          The have good chicken wings cooked in the coal oven at Anthony's Coal Fire Pizaa. For more traditional wings or a grouper sandwich, try Southport Raw Bar on Cordova Road. Also on Cordova is both Crown Wine & Spirits and Total Wine where you can purchase what you're looking for. We like the sushi at Sushi Rock on Las Olas Blvd. If you want to splurge on great Italian (and great pasta) go to Valentino's on Federal Hwy.

        2. re: Nick

          I went to Tark's last night for wings and beer with my girlfriend. Here are both the positive and negatives of the experience.

          - Great wings, not frozen, large and prepared right in front of you.
          - Great atmosphere, everyone sitting around in the food prep area, drinking and having a good time. Seems to be a hangout for a lot of regulars. Very friendly people, offered to let us try some spicy shrimp ... quite delicious.
          - Good staff, the cook was quick although a little light tempered, papi was in the back and came out to serve, everyone loved this guy and another young man was taking orders. They are short staffed, so if you need a serving job, apply!

          Negatives: With the short waitstaff, no one was wiping the eating areas down and it was quite dirty in there. The regulars didn't seem to mind as they laughed about it, and I eventually adapted and shrugged it off.

          The chef was really unsanitary. I work in a kitchen myself and noticed he was using the same cutting board to cut raw fish and rip raw chicken wings out of their ziplock bags. His hands were covered in wing batter and fish residue and he only wiped them off with the dirtiest rag i've ever seen. Some people would be turned off by these conditions, but since his hands didn't touch my wings after they came out of the fryer, i didn't make a fuss. Just some things I noticed.

          Anyways, it's not the right place for everyone, but I enjoyed the wings.

        3. Anthony's is good for both pizza and wings (they are grilled and are pretty good). For sushi try Sozo Sushi Bar in Wilton Manors. i like a little place called Cafe Vico for pasta it is on US1 just north of Sunrise Blvd. For nightlife, Las Olas has a few different options and so does the Himmarshee area which is near there also. If you want somewhere nice on the water that isnt too expensive try Aruba in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. You should be able to google all these places. Have fun!

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          1. re: newbiefoodieinlaud

            Thanks! Definitely will try these spots!

            1. re: newbiefoodieinlaud

              I went to Aruba in Lauderdale-by-the-sea yesterday. It was ok. Good atmosphere, average calamari, coconut shrimp were nothing special. Grilled grouper was ok. HUGE portions though.

              1. re: cupidom

                Anthonys should be your next stop. They have the best pizza a wings. Head to Wilton Manors (Wilton Drive) for the best sushi at Sozo. Wilton also has Wilton Wings, which isn't bad either. If you were looking for Thai, WIlton is definitely the place with Galanga and Siam.

            2. I would also recommend Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for pizza (duh) and wings.
              I would also recommend Southport Raw Bar and Kelly's Landing for casual seafood. Kelly's has great chowder and fried clam bellies.
              For splurge pasta hit Valentino's

              Kelly's Landing-New England
              1305 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

              1145 S Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

              Southport Raw Bar
              1536 Cordova Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316