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Feb 11, 2009 10:59 AM

Valentine's day excess: brie and chocolate

I'm thinking of making a baked brie in puffed pastry.

Usually, I add pecans, honey, and maybe some apples or pears into the mix.

This time, I'm tempted to go all-out and add chocolate, instead. I was thinking something dark and not too sweet. Maybe some hazelnuts?

I was also wondering whether some sort of wine reduction might be nice added to this - whether it would help marry the flavors by adding a bit of sharpness or whether this would simply be a bad idea.

So, does anyone have any recommendations on:

1) What sort of chocolate to use?
2) Hazelnuts?
3) Wine? If so, what type?

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  1. Giada did a brie, choc chip, mint recipe on pannini's looked good.

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      That looked delicious to me but I tried it and... it did not taste melded at all. It just tasted like both. I think maybe what could taste better is adding a second sweet component that would meld well with both brie and chocolate -- the first thing that comes to mind is pears, which are delicious with both and which have a nice sweetness without being cloying. Maybe sliced pears and a gentle sprinkling of really good dark chocolate. I think when baked in the pastry this could be really nice.

    2. Wine as a pairing is my vote--keep the wine out of the brie, and since you're going chocolate, try it with Banfi Rosa Regale. I had it for the first time last week paired with a molten chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. It was exquisite--and the perfect color for Valentine's Day. :)
      There are reviews and pairings listed on the site provided above. Happy VD!

      1. I've been making a fruit compote with dried cherries and leftover red wine, and it's pretty delicious. It's amazing with chocolate shortbread and mascarpone, so I think that a layer on top of your brie, with chocolate on top of that would be pretty tasty. Of course, I don't have a recipe - just combine dried tart cherries (Trader Joe's has them, but so does my Safeway), red wine and sugar, and simmer until it's as reduced as you'd like it. You can add more sugar or wine as needed, so I wouldn't worry too much about the proportions to get started.