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Pierre Chocolat - Wall, NJ

With Valentine's day right around the corner I thought I would share this recent discovery. Peter Jost the owner of Pierre Chocolat, located in the Allenwood General Store in Wall, previously ran Jacques Torres Chocolate in New York City. You can well imagine that he understands fine chocolate. He has some unusual creations of his own and he uses the finest ingredients including chocolate imported from France. Pricing is very fair at $1.50 per piece for anything that you pick out. Peter is very willing to explain anything that you want to know about his work.

Check out his wed site then go and indulge ...


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  1. I LOVE this place!! I was there last week. I purchased some great chocolate for Valentine's Day!! Definitely worth going to!

    1. The wife and I had breakfast yesterday morning at the Allenwood General Store and could not resist the temptaion of taking home some more chocolates from Pierre Chocolat which is located on premises. Peter the pwner mentioned that someone from the chowhound had recently stoped in. When we sampled the chocolate last night we
      were in heaven. This place is not the run of the mill candy shop which abounds all over New Jersey but rather something very special...

      1. salted caramel and l'orange chocolate truffle are about the second-best candies I've ever had, and that includes two trips to paris, two to brussels and one to montreal

        1. Jerzey -

          Thanks for disclosing this gem. It is the kind of find that one hopes to get from this website. The wasabi pyramid was outstanding!

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            My only regret is that it has been open for two years and we just discover it a few weeks ago. Oh well - the cat is out of the bag. If your looking for fine chocolate, and who isn't once in awhile, Pierre Chocolate will satisfy the craving like no other in Jersey.

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              Thanks for sharing the secret and we have to try it out and report back! I am a chocolate lover and I cannot wait to get there this weekend!

              1. re: HelenB

                Be sure to tell Peter Jost the owner that you heard about it on the Chowhound.
                Hope your visit is just yummy...

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                  Will surely do that! Looking forward to that!

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                    JerzeyShore, went to Pierre Chocolat yesterday. I told Peter that I read about him in Chowhound and he told me that he had only heard about the website a week ago and he was very happy to get new clients by the word of mouth! The place was a bit hidden at the back and i was trying to find the entrance when I got to the place and only later realized that I have to go through the General Store to reach it! Of course, it is not like Godiva with the great lighting and attractive displays but it has its homemade feel. Peter and Jen were both very friendly and helpful in assisting me to pick my chocolates(there are quite a variety to choose from), and Peter also stated that his chocolates are made with organic ingredients...anyway, let's talk about the chocolates. I have got the orange peel covered with dark chocolates, I highly recommended that! I believe that it also one of their best sellers. I tried a few of the butter cream cups last night, they are too heavy for me and they are more of a little chocolate shells with the butter cream fillings(which I really do not care for too much but that is a personal taste), the chocolate shells were fine! We also tried the peanut butter and jelly, that was interesting. Again, the chocolate outside was fine but the filling tended to be too sweet for me. I did not get any truffles since I was afraid that they would melt as they had to stay in my car for a few hours before I got home...Peter was kind enough to give me an ice pack to ensure that the chocolates would stay cool. I have yet to try the other goodies including the mint chocolates, chocolate buddha and some others later today....I have to mention that when I was there, a lady came in a got a few pieces of chocolates and her name is Caroline, she loves the chocolates and she is definitely a repeat customer!

                    I love chocolates and I surely had better chocolates...on the other hand, if I am looking for something unique, not commercialized, this place is a good choice in the Shore area! Thanks again suggesting this place!

                    1. re: HelenB

                      HelenB, glad to hear that you enjoyed Pierre overall - happy chocolate hunting.

                      1. re: JerzeyShore

                        Had more chocolates and the mint ones are good! I needed to try that L'orange truffles next time....something did catch my eye....I believe that it is with green tea which I want to try too! I will make sure that I can head home immediately after visiting Peter since I do not want the truffles to melt! Once again, JerzeyShore, thanks for recommending this place!

            2. My girlfriend and I went to Pierre Chocolat's Valentine's Night dessert and we thought it was a beautiful event! There was three fantastic desserts, chocolate flourless cake, mousse, and pot de creme. We loved them all! Candlelit dessert with a violinist; can't get much better than that! So, not only do they have great chocolate, they have some of the best desserts I have ever tasted. This place is a must!

              1. I went to Peters last Friday and was delighted. It was so good I went back today and was again blown away. I am not , or did not think I was, a chocolate fiend. That seems to have changed , the orange chocolate trufles have got' hold of me. I also had a porkroll sandwich and some teriffic gumbo. What a great day

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                  Boatboy, we loved the chocolat L'orange truffles as well. On your next trip try the wasabi
                  and green tea bon-bons. They are unusual and delicious. As far as breakfast sandwiches yes the General Store Cafe where Peter is located does a decent job.

                2. His website says a second location has opened 715 Arnold Ave Point Pleasant.

                  By chance does anyone know if this is open off season? Only hours for the Allenwood General Store were posted on the website.

                  Looking forward to the wasabi pyramid.

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                    1. re: JerzeyShore

                      Jerzey, is the Pt. Pls. location identical inventory?

                      1. re: HillJ

                        I have not been in the store but called and it looks like they have the same inventory. Additionally, they have a lot of Easter stuff available right now. I don't think that you can go wrong - enjoy if you go HillJ.

                        1. re: JerzeyShore

                          Thanks JerzeyS! I am going to try by weeks end to get there.

                          1. re: HillJ

                            Just came back from the Allenwood store and spoke with Peter and confirmed that they do have many of the same items at Point Pleasant but not all. He just took over the store in Point which was an existing candy store and still has their inventory to move as well before he can fully stock with his own chocolates. My suggestion is to go to Allenwood at this point in time and you will find all of his product plus a selection of Easter items.

                            1. re: JerzeyShore

                              I really appreciate the heads up and your inquiry. I will head to Allenwood instead.

                  1. Visited the Allenwood General Store (off Rt 34 South)
                    Did an all chocolate lunch today! All I can say is WOW!
                    This place makes the Must Try List for NJ.
                    Owner Peter was helpful and kind. The chocolates are creative, unique, and delicious. They are expanding his shop within this location and as stated they are filling up the new Point Pleasant store. Still have a few more in my box but so far all of these were great!
                    Also picked up a chocolate spray painted bunny (he spray paints them with different color chocolate)!
                    Tried the following flavors:
                    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffle (oh my)
                    Green Tea Buddha
                    Guinness Chocolate Cup (yes there is beer is in there)
                    Wasabi Pyramid
                    Champagne Truffle
                    Chocolate chip cookie sandwich dipped in chocolate

                    Chowhounds know good food!

                    I was on such a sugar high told everyone I ran into today about this hidden treasure - even had strangers photo copying his menu LOL

                    Next time gotta try his bacon bar and Tanzanie Bark.
                    Note: He also has some Sugar Free chocolates if you have dietary requirements.

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                    1. re: shabbystorm

                      Next visit try a salt carmel and you will be hooked....

                      1. re: JerzeyShore

                        The salt caramel is my favorite.
                        I also like the Guinness cups. Weird, but good. And very cute.

                        1. re: val ann c

                          Thanks. Will try the Salt Carmels tomorrow when I go back!
                          Talked these up so much everyone wants me to bring them back home to Mars this weekend so they too can give these gems a try!

                          1. re: shabbystorm

                            Are you talking Mars, PA or the planet?

                            1. re: JerzeyShore

                              The Planet of course!

                              Just got back from Pierre Chocolat (again)

                              Filled up on chocolate for the holiday weekend.

                              Again ate way too much (again)

                              Today I tried a Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Mountain - Salt Caramel - And A bite from the Bacon Bar - All wonderful!

                              Many more to try over the weekend.

                              Time for a long walk in the sun!

                    2. I went to Pierre's this past weekend to pick up some of my favs and it was amazing as usual! I asked him about the Point location and he said it is going to be renovated and re-imagined pretty soon. Can't wait to see the place once its done!

                      O and I saw him making some out of control cakes. I had no idea he made cakes, let alone ones that looked like boats. He has a new photo album with all the examples.

                      Hope to get back some time this weekend! Thanks again for revealing this place!

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                      1. re: frogman2

                        Yes Peter's craft is that of a pastry chef but creating fine chocolates is his passion. BTW I stopped in last week for a few salt carmels - bodacious!

                        1. re: frogman2

                          His cakes look amazing, but the one we had for my grandson's birthday was very dry.

                        2. I Just Post this in another link but here it is again!

                          mmmmm I just had a box of chocolate from Pierre Chocolat. Luckily someone in my family bought me one for new years! It was a dream as always. Here is some of what I had.
                          Cookie dough truffle
                          Torona( amazing little cake treat!)
                          Port Wine Bon Bon
                          Rasberry Truffle
                          Cookie Extreme!(2 chocolate covered cookies with buttercream inside!)
                          champagne truffle(i think?)
                          Coconut Truffle
                          (It was a big box! hehe)

                          It was all amazing with my favorite being the Torona! My wife picked it all up from Pierre who says the Point Pleasant Beach location has wireless internet for free! You may see me in there using that pretty soon!

                          1. Hi everyone. Just googled Pierre Chocolat and came across this sight. I frequent the shop often and pick something up every time. Figured I'd pass along this info, I just signed up for Pierre's event on Valentines Day. I enjoyed it last year and figured I'd go again. For anyone who is big on desserts, this is a must have! Last year the desserts were so delicious that i had to special order one of the plates for a party my family had this past year. There was three dessert plates last year and Pierre said there will be three again. I took my wife last year and she loved it as well! great idea if your in need of a romantic night.

                            btw, I purchased a cherry cordial this afternoon. Loved It!

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                            1. re: BelmarMan

                              With Valentines day around the corner I thought I would mention they are doing a 3 course Chocolate dinner/tasting for $20. I think you need reservations and it is a family freindly event based on my conversation with Pierre. My wife, kids and I are looking forward to it.

                              1. re: angelo04

                                Awesome angelo! Should be a great experience. I know it was last year. Pierre said he has 3 great desserts lined up. I know I'm excited.

                            2. Just went to Pierre Chocolat today!! I almost forgot how delicious that place is! I hadn't been there in a while. If my memory serves me correctly, then it looks like they really changed this place up. There are a lot more items to choose from now. I only bought a couple items today because I will be back in the area next week as well. Here is what I got this time:
                              Orange Muscat (Bon Bon i think)
                              Mint Meltaway
                              Peanut Butter Truffle
                              and also some mixed gummies.
                              Delicious as always, I will write another report soon!

                              1. Received an email that Pierre Chocolat is about to close as Peter Jost is relocating out of state. Time to stock up before they're gone for good.

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                                1. re: jsfein

                                  Bad news to start the day, but a welcome heads up - Thanks, jsfein. It will be a real loss to our local food culture.

                                  1. re: MGZ

                                    Yep - another NewJersey business bites the dust ... http://eepurl.com/cQaJU

                                    Go stock up on those salt caramels while you can ...

                                  2. re: jsfein

                                    Any mention which state and if mail order is possible?

                                    1. re: HillJ

                                      Arizona and no.

                                      I think I need to find some frolic and detour time this afternoon. I rarely eat sugar, but a last wasabi pyramid or two seem in order. I really found the place to be a gem.

                                      1. re: HillJ

                                        A year or so ago I spoke with Peter about sending some of his chocolates to a family member in Pittsburgh and he recommended against it because of the melting point of the chocolate he uses. So guess we will just have to travel to AZ for our fix. :-)

                                        1. re: JerzeyShore

                                          I'm disappointed too. But, I've ordered chocolate from all over the globe and the time of year is more critical for sure but in NJ that's not many months... if the seller is willing to set up the proper shipping situation...it works beautifully.

                                          Hell AZ is pretty darn hot!

                                      2. re: jsfein

                                        Will miss getting a pork roll egg & cheese from the general store followed by some of the most outstanding chocolates in the area.

                                      3. So now the question is, with Pierre gone, where does one go for their one of kind high end chocolate fix in NJ? I think the only alternative is NYC. Nothing else comes to mind. Nicholas does nice chocolates but you don't go there to buy them like you would at Pierre. We frequently stopped here after many walks on the boardwalk in PP.

                                        1. Some great news. Guess who Iscoming back to NJ? Pierre Chocolate! Confirmed via their old facebook page. Not clear yet if it will be in the former location or a new one. Based on their post they are gearing up for Easter so they are opening real soon

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                                          1. re: angelo04

                                            That would be awesome - thanks for the tip Angelo. Please
                                            keep us posted when you get more information.


                                            1. re: CatLadyJan

                                              Per their latest facebook post call to order, no mention of a new location.

                                              "Hello Everyone!Easter is coming early this year, and Pierre Chocolat is back to celebrate with you! To all those who have missed our delicious chocolate... now is your chance! Starting today, we will be taking orders for our assortment of Chocolate Bunnies. Contact Us: PHONE- 732.963.5927 or EMAIL: PierreChocolatNJ@gmail.comPrices range from $5.25 - $30.00 depending on the size and type of Chocolate Bunny.Call or Email us to ask any question or to begin the ordering process. We look forward to hearing from everyone!"

                                          2. Good news - the following e-mail from Pierre confirms that he will indeed be opening another store here in Jersey.

                                            *** For now I am taking special orders with a $35 minimum . I am going to keep making chocolate after Easter and start looking for a small store to rent . I have missed making chocolate for everyone and hope to go forward with a store soon . Till then hopefully phone and email orders will work for everyone . Thank you for being there for us.

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                                            1. re: CatLadyJan

                                              So did they ever reopen? The news seemed to have fizzled out after Easter. Maybe they will give it a go again with the holidays approaching?

                                              1. re: angelo04

                                                His FaceBook page has no updates after March, 2013. Does anyone know anything more?

                                                1. re: jrzcat

                                                  Sounds like he is opening up somewhere pretty soon. I think the Easter thing was temporary. I remember something about email orders only. Hopefully there is a store coming soon.

                                            2. GREAT NEWS - Pierre Chocolat is back in business again full time. Peter and his lovely wife are now located at 1414 Meeting House Rd in Sea Girt which is the little cottage on the Scarborough Fair restaurant property. Go here for more information on their Facebook account:


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                                              1. re: CatLadyJan

                                                It was so much fun to see the car again! Thanks for posting this, I completely forgot to.

                                                1. re: CatLadyJan

                                                  I saw the news on their Facebook page the other day! I was so excited that I had to run down there right away. It was tough to find at first, but they have a lovely little cottage back there. Everything tasted just as good as I remembered! I ate them so quick, I barely remember what I had...lets see.. We bought some irish cream, cookie dough, rum ball, and I think a plain buttercream. I think I will be back shortly after the holiday.

                                                2. We went back again for a Christmas gift for a friend and the person who received the gift was simply delighted. She loved her treats.

                                                  1. Just got back from Pierre Chocolat and I must say, it is as good as ever. I was a little confused as to where it was located, but I eventually found it.

                                                    I ordered a few goodies for my family for valentines day. I'm pretty sure there was a few new items as well. Of course I had to get a few things for myself. I picked up a cannoli, a salt caramel, a cookie dough truffle, and the last one I forget what it was called, but it was in the shape of a pyramid. Anyway, it was all so good. Glad he's back in town.

                                                    1. I was going to stop there today to pick up some fine chocolate covered salted caramels, and they are closed! Here is the note I found on Facebook:

                                                      "Due to a property ordinance in Wall Township, Pierre Chocolat is required to temporarily stop selling at our cottage location on the Scarborough Fair property.

                                                      We are doing everything we can to reopen as soon as possible. In the meantime, we can still be reach by phone and of course here on Facebook. We will still be taking your orders no matter how big or small. We still have several big orders in the pipeline that we are excited about for parties and more.

                                                      Stick with us here on Facebook to stay in the loop. We will be opening our store again before you know it. Thanks for standing by us during this trying time."

                                                      I hope they will resolve their issues with Wall Township soon!