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Feb 11, 2009 10:09 AM

Pierre Chocolat - Wall, NJ

With Valentine's day right around the corner I thought I would share this recent discovery. Peter Jost the owner of Pierre Chocolat, located in the Allenwood General Store in Wall, previously ran Jacques Torres Chocolate in New York City. You can well imagine that he understands fine chocolate. He has some unusual creations of his own and he uses the finest ingredients including chocolate imported from France. Pricing is very fair at $1.50 per piece for anything that you pick out. Peter is very willing to explain anything that you want to know about his work.

Check out his wed site then go and indulge ...

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  1. I LOVE this place!! I was there last week. I purchased some great chocolate for Valentine's Day!! Definitely worth going to!

    1. The wife and I had breakfast yesterday morning at the Allenwood General Store and could not resist the temptaion of taking home some more chocolates from Pierre Chocolat which is located on premises. Peter the pwner mentioned that someone from the chowhound had recently stoped in. When we sampled the chocolate last night we
      were in heaven. This place is not the run of the mill candy shop which abounds all over New Jersey but rather something very special...

      1. salted caramel and l'orange chocolate truffle are about the second-best candies I've ever had, and that includes two trips to paris, two to brussels and one to montreal

        1. Jerzey -

          Thanks for disclosing this gem. It is the kind of find that one hopes to get from this website. The wasabi pyramid was outstanding!

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            My only regret is that it has been open for two years and we just discover it a few weeks ago. Oh well - the cat is out of the bag. If your looking for fine chocolate, and who isn't once in awhile, Pierre Chocolate will satisfy the craving like no other in Jersey.

            1. re: JerzeyShore

              Thanks for sharing the secret and we have to try it out and report back! I am a chocolate lover and I cannot wait to get there this weekend!

              1. re: HelenB

                Be sure to tell Peter Jost the owner that you heard about it on the Chowhound.
                Hope your visit is just yummy...

                1. re: JerzeyShore


                  Will surely do that! Looking forward to that!

                  1. re: JerzeyShore

                    JerzeyShore, went to Pierre Chocolat yesterday. I told Peter that I read about him in Chowhound and he told me that he had only heard about the website a week ago and he was very happy to get new clients by the word of mouth! The place was a bit hidden at the back and i was trying to find the entrance when I got to the place and only later realized that I have to go through the General Store to reach it! Of course, it is not like Godiva with the great lighting and attractive displays but it has its homemade feel. Peter and Jen were both very friendly and helpful in assisting me to pick my chocolates(there are quite a variety to choose from), and Peter also stated that his chocolates are made with organic ingredients...anyway, let's talk about the chocolates. I have got the orange peel covered with dark chocolates, I highly recommended that! I believe that it also one of their best sellers. I tried a few of the butter cream cups last night, they are too heavy for me and they are more of a little chocolate shells with the butter cream fillings(which I really do not care for too much but that is a personal taste), the chocolate shells were fine! We also tried the peanut butter and jelly, that was interesting. Again, the chocolate outside was fine but the filling tended to be too sweet for me. I did not get any truffles since I was afraid that they would melt as they had to stay in my car for a few hours before I got home...Peter was kind enough to give me an ice pack to ensure that the chocolates would stay cool. I have yet to try the other goodies including the mint chocolates, chocolate buddha and some others later today....I have to mention that when I was there, a lady came in a got a few pieces of chocolates and her name is Caroline, she loves the chocolates and she is definitely a repeat customer!

                    I love chocolates and I surely had better chocolates...on the other hand, if I am looking for something unique, not commercialized, this place is a good choice in the Shore area! Thanks again suggesting this place!

                    1. re: HelenB

                      HelenB, glad to hear that you enjoyed Pierre overall - happy chocolate hunting.

                      1. re: JerzeyShore

                        Had more chocolates and the mint ones are good! I needed to try that L'orange truffles next time....something did catch my eye....I believe that it is with green tea which I want to try too! I will make sure that I can head home immediately after visiting Peter since I do not want the truffles to melt! Once again, JerzeyShore, thanks for recommending this place!

            2. My girlfriend and I went to Pierre Chocolat's Valentine's Night dessert and we thought it was a beautiful event! There was three fantastic desserts, chocolate flourless cake, mousse, and pot de creme. We loved them all! Candlelit dessert with a violinist; can't get much better than that! So, not only do they have great chocolate, they have some of the best desserts I have ever tasted. This place is a must!