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Feb 11, 2009 09:52 AM

WA: Camano Island and environs

In celebration of the holiday weekend and the winter holiday for the chowpups, we are schleping up to Cama Beach State park to stay in the little refurbished cabins.

I am packing heaps of food and hitting Sichuan 99 enroute but I'm still interested in recommendations for any restaurant eatting within say, 15-20 miles of the park which does NOT require taking a ferry to Whidbey Island.


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    1. re: paulj

      perfect! thank you. I'll try to update it when we come back.

      1. re: jenn

        I can't vouch for this personally, but my family lives in Stanwood and loves the Chatterbox,
        serving several Asian cuisines with a large interesting menu, very pleasant looking place.