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Feb 11, 2009 09:30 AM

Good places in Vancouver

My friends and I are going to Vancouver in March for our spring break and because we are such food nerds, we are going to start planning our meals now. There are four of us and we are seniors in college, so we don't have a ton of money. We're willing to splurge once or twice, but splurging for us would be spending $15-20 on an entree. Sorry to sound annoying, but no chain restaurants please.

We have a car, so we aren't limiting ourselves to one particular area. But if it's helpful, we are staying in a hotel on Granville & Davie

These are a few of the things were are looking for... If you could include some idea of what the place is like and serves, that would be much appreciated

1) Sushi

2) Izakayas - It would be a plus if it served takoyaki and/or okonomiyaki.

3) Wine bars - We liked Salt. Not something stuffy or with glasses starting at $10 or something.

4) Indian

5) Pub - Preferably some place that has good food and brews their own beer. Or some place that offers a large and diverse selection of beers.

6) Brunch - Something greasy spoon.

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  1. Vij's for Indian... absolutely a must. This was the best Indian food I've ever had. We went a few years ago and I'm still drooling!! This would be a splurge, but sooo worth it!!

    Vij's Restaurant
    1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

    1. I'll try to keep to your budget...

      Ajisai in Kerrisdale - small (be prepared to line up), but very fresh fish, no or few cooked dishes. It's my go-to for sushi.
      Zipang on Main St. - funk little place on Main st. Interesting rolls

      Gyoza King (Robson st) is the most affordable izakaya, I believe. Young, casual crowd. Open until late.
      Guu original on Thurlow (or with Garlic on Robson) - boisterous atmosphere, and I personally like their food the best. Costs a bit more than Gyoza King (but easy to stay within $25pp)

      Bin 941/942 - little space, lots of people, really good small plates.

      Saravanaa Bhavan - South Indian vegetarian cuisine, lunch beffet for $9.50, a la carte menu for dinner
      Vij's will definitely put you over budget. Personally I don't know if it's worth it for the price and lineups... but some people rave about it and it is a Vancouver classic. The more casual sister restaurant next door might be more in your price range - Rangoli.

      For large selection of beers: Six Acres (bottled beers only, international selection of 40+), Stella's (mainly Belgian beers, also serves reasonably tapas)
      Brews own beers: Yaletown Brewery, and Steamworks
      I also really like Irish Heather

      Joe's Grill (on 4th) is my go-to greasy spoon
      Also, there's Deacon's Corner which is a newly opened diner-style place
      I haven't been, but have heard good things about the very affordable Argo Cafe (only open M-F)

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        2) You can eat pretty cheaply at nearly all of the izakaya. Hapa and Kingyo are the priciest, but still pretty reasonable. Guu (both of them on Robson), Zakkushi are the most authentic in atmosphere.

        5) The Alibi Room is the best place for regional craft brew. twinkie's other recs are very good...Stella's is my local haunt.

        6) The Argo is the best greasy spoon - imagine a greasy spoon where you can get lamb shanks or similar 'gourmet' fare for less than $10.