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Feb 11, 2009 09:06 AM

Merguez sausage?

Anyone know a good market to buy some? I need it for dinner for tonight. Ideally in Glendale, Hollywood or Burbank. If I absolutely have to, I will go to Super King. It's a great market, but it is the single most aggravating parking lot in America. Worse, even, than the Trader Joe's on Hyperion in Silverlake - and that's saying something.

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  1. nicole's gourmet foods in south pasadena has them. you might want to call in advance to see if they're in stock.

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      If you're ever in OC, go to Mattern Deli on Chapman in Orange. They have the best I've ever had outside of France. They aren't called Mergeuz though - but you will recognise them.

    2. you can check out sammy's market on fairfax. north of the old eat a pita. between beverly and third. these are kosher but great.

      1. I just got back from Nicole's in S. Pasadena. They had merguez, only frozen. How good they are, remains to be seen. I hadn't been there before. It's a very nice little, if expensive, market.

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            If the ones from Nicole's are Marcel et Henri, they're okay if you really like lamb. Could be that mine were just too old (they'd been in the freezer over a year!), but the ones I brought to last summer's Sausage Esssstravaganza had a pretty strong flavor. I liked it, but some others seemed to find them too stout.

          2. Hadar kOsher meats on Fairfax has it and it is good

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              Charlies kosher delicatessen. He makes his own Merguez and it is awesome. He also freely samples the many other things he makes. Ask for Herschel or his assistant Freddy.

              9124 W Pico Boulevard
              Los Angeles, CA 90035

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                I second Hadar. Really sharply spiced.

              2. I've seen it at Whole Foods. They have it at the one on Fairfax and 3rd -- you could call the one in Pasadena.