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Sunday only in NOLA-UGH?!

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My must go to place-Cochon is closed on Sundays-any second runner-up in terms of cusine and price that is open on Sunday?

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  1. Very limited choices on Sunday . Here are a few options:

    Martinique Bistro
    Feelings Cafe
    GW Fins

    1. Stella! is open on Sunday, however, it isn't the same price point as Cochon.

      1. Luke

        Luke Restaurant
        333 St Charles, New Orleans, LA 70130

          1. You might want to try Cochon Butcher for breakfast on Sunday. They are open now.

            1. Most of the best restaurants are closed on Sunday. However, Dante's Kitchen, out in the Carrollton area, is open, and many of those in the industry who have a night off go there for great, fine-dining-type food at a really good price.

              Their Shrimp and Grits are great, they do wonders with Brussels Sprouts, and I like their Chicken under a brick.

              1. Cochon Butcher is open on Sundays!!! We had the mufallatta (the best one we have ever had), the pork belly sandwich on white bread , mint and cucumber-sublime-want one now- and the boudin- bay far the best even after hunting down the stuff on the boudin trail in Lafayette proper. The pickles are soo good-bread and butter style with a little heat on the aftertaste. Very friendly staff and a wonderful deli offerringscase. They were nice to our kids despite the trail of crumbs on the spotless poured cement floors.

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                  Must disagree - that boudin is just ok. Next door at NOLA Grocery is much better. Cochon Butcher boudin tasted a little bland, sort of one-dimensional compared to a really good boudin. And I was disappointed with the bread & butter pickle being included in the Cuban sandwich. I think that sandwich needs the bite of a good vinegary pickle. But the meat in the Cuban was very good. The bacon is awesome, rillettes, headcheese, and pates are great, can't wait to try the liver cheese and more of the sandwich offerings.

                2. Hard to believe nobody's mentioned Tommy's. It's open on Sunday and about a block and a half from Cochon.