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Feb 11, 2009 08:43 AM

Scottsdale & Sedona dinner recos

Going to Scottsdale for a wedding over a long weekend in March. We'll have one night for dinner in Scottsdale and then plan to do a day trip to Sedona one day. Looking for recommendations for both.

For Scottsdale, I want someplace nice (which doesn't have to mean $$$$). I'm pretty particular about food and don't care what I spend on a nice meal, but at the same time I don't think outrageously expensive always equals outrageously good. Open to pretty much any cuisine. Noca's on my list but hoping to find something along these lines IN Scottsdale.

As for Sedona, casual is fine, but again, I want to go someplace that has the best food I can get in Sedona.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. I think you can't go wrong with The Elote Cafe in Sedona. It is authentic Mexican and great. It is not something you will likely get in Boston. It is in a hotel on one of the main drags but the ambience picks up once you hit the front door. Try the different tequilas too. Last time I was there they had Cruz Tequila, my new favorite. It is a new brand created by some Scottsdale locals. It has won two medals in competition so far.

    As to Scottsdale I don't know what you are looking for so I am going to try and reccomend Scottsdale unique experiences that you won't have in (I assume) Boston.

    I am pretty impressed with Roka Akor a London based high end Sushi chain that has its first US location in Scottsdale. It is pricey but pretty unique and good. Nice ambience too.

    We are full of high end steak houses but a cool "cowboy" way to go is to consider Pinnacle Peak Steak house. What they lack in cutting edge, modern steak prep they make up for in authentic, old timey ranch cooking. It was out in the desert way back when but now the development has filled in some. They claim that they steaks down after 40 years of cooking over a million steaks. It is a ranchy, chuck wagon feel. Very old Scottsdale and the highlight of a lot of our friends visits. Don't wear a tie. They snip those off and hang em from the rafters.

    High end I like Elements at the Sanctuary resort. Great food. Great View.

    Some other sort of noteworthy choices are Pizzeria Bianco, supposed to be the best pizzeria in the country but go early and be prepared to wait. It is in Phoenix but Scottsdale is in the greater Phoenix metro area. Also Binkley's with the amuse bouche is pretty good. It is a bit north of Scottsdale in the adjacent town of Cave Creek. If nothing else that is a starting point for some research.

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      love your list Wandrr..

      Love Elote Cafe as well..
      I would add Yavapai restaurant at the stunning Enchantment this place for lunch..need reservations so the guard will know at the gate.
      Binkley's is another fav of ours.

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        The Elote Cafe looks exactly like what I had in mind. Can't remember where we ate when I was in Sedona two years ago - it was that memorable... this looks much better. Also like the looks of Elements. Thanks!