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Feb 11, 2009 08:31 AM

any places similar to Penelope's?

Some time ago I was given a recommendation here for Penelope's and it has become a favourite spot for breakfast or brunch whenever I visit New York. I'm back in the city next week and was wondering if there are other places with that relaxed country kitchen in the city kind of feel. I was thinking of trying Good Enough To Eat on the Upper West Side at some point. Any others? - since I'll be on holiday and not time constrained any Manhattan location could be considered.. Thanks

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  1. If you go to Good Enough to Eat for brunch, be prepared to wait in line. They don't take reservations and the line starts fairly early by NYC brunch standards. But, I like to go there every so often because they have biscuits!

    Friend of the Farmer on Irving Place would fit the bill, too.

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      Thanks - I've heard they have long lines at the weekend - I'll probably try and pop in at some odd hour during the week.
      Is Friend of The Farmer the place next to the Japanese Choshi? (another place I liked - although it seemed different last visit (about a year ago) ) I remember seeing long lines there too one Sunday lunchtime last time

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        It's true about the lines at Godo Enough to eat, but it definately has a great country feel, so odd hours is a good idea, but personally I think the lines are worth it.
        Clinton Street Bakery is not quite the same atmosphere, but it is a great place. The weekend lines are very long but its do-able during the week,

      2. I would say Friend of a Farmer on Irving Place and 19th for sure. Also, you can try the Crooked Knife (I think 30th street and Park).