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Best panini / sandwich in East Village?

I live in the East Village and am currently having a sandwich kick. However, I've really been drawing a blank as to where to go when my sandwich craving kicks in!

I pretty much make it to Porchetta and that's it - otherwise I need to go down to the LES to Tiny's or Ronnybrook and/or Amy's Bread at Chelsea Market. I've wanted to go to Terroir, but they're only open for dinner/snacks, and unfortunately my sandwich desires strick at lunchtime.

Where can I go in the neighborhood to get yummy sandwiches?

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  1. I love porchetta, but I also love
    Banh mi at Momofuku Ssam
    Banh mi at baoguette - I know, it's not in the EV, but it's worth it to walk a few blocks north.
    Cafe Orlin has a delicious hanger steak sandwich, which they may have at Mogador as well.
    I hear Abracao has great sandwiches, and they do have the best coffee in the neighborhood (though Orlin and Mogador are no slouches in that dept.).

    1. I am a big fan of Caffe Elilia on 1st Ave. btw. 9-10th Sts. Nice variety of Italian sandwiches -- as well as a variety of other breakfast, lunch, dinner options -- at a charming, friendly cafe.

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        I am also a big fan of Caffe Emilia.
        If you like Japanese styled sandwich there is always Cafe Zaiya.

        Don't forget the egg muffin at Momofuku milk bar!

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          I second Cafe Zaiya, their spicy tuna sandwiches are really good and cheap

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            So is the Spicy Chicken sandwich (breaded chicken breast, spicy tuna-style mayonaise, cabbage on homemade bun for four bucks), but it sells out too quickly.

      2. Sunny & Annie's bodega on 6 & B has seriously awesome sandwiches. I'd recommend the "Pho Real" (their twist on a bahn mi) or their classic turkey club on a hero.

        Some of their sandwich names, such as the 'Bloomburga', 'Bush Sandwich' and 'Joe-Bama' and their associated fillings give an interesting political statement.

        Politics between two slices of bread (or in a wrap sometimes)

        1. Caracas on 7th btw 1st and A is worth checking out for Venezuelan-style sandwiches called Arepas. Toasty, crepe-like shell with choice of filling.

          1. Has anyone tried the tortas (Mexican sandwiches) at El Atazcon on 1st Ave?

            1. Nicky's on 2nd and A for the bahn mi. It's no Saigon Bakery, but its a whole lot closer (if you are in the EV) and the bread is good. Plus its cheaper than just aout all the other sandwiches mentioned here.

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                I enjoyed Nicky's, until I saw the food prep area...

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                  I think Nicky's is great on days where they decide to stay open long enough for me to get there. Are you talking about the prep area behind the counter? Or is there something else going on in a back room.

                  Also highly second the caracas rec, those Arepas are amazing.

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                    There was a prep area in back last time I went, which was quite a while ago. You only see it when you leave the main room to use the bathroom.

              2. Definitely try Terroir--their bruschettas are also very good.
                If you're on the LES, you should try 'inoteca as well.